Checking in with Jonah Pierce

It has been a while since we have heard from Jonah, but with school, work and surfing as much as possible, we totally understand why!

“The past few weeks I have been taking advantage of the consistent waves
to shoot with a local photographer, named Ben Sitten. We are working on
a video that will hopefully be finished soon. It’s really tricky getting
water shots because the section, the photographer, and the surfer all
have to be in the same spot. To get a good water shot it is really
important to be extremely close to the camera; in the shot below the
tail of my board was just half a foot from bens camera, but it still
appears to be a few feet away. We have also been shooting in some more
illusive areas around San Diego, like the cave shot below, which give a
glimpse of the beauty this city has to offer. I’m anxious for some more
swell to come so we can get some good clips at blacks, or something a
little more critical. Fingers crossed for this weekend!” –Jonah