10 Reasons You Should Go Surfing

10 reasons you should go surfing

Why you should be in the water now

Surfing has been around for… God only knows how long! If you never thought it was “your thing” maybe you should reconsider! Here are 10 reasons you should go surfing:

  1. Its great exercise! Surfing uses muscles in your body that you probably didn’t know existed! Who doesn’t love having an 8-pack?
  2. Its low impact for your body. Rather than lifting, sprinting, squatting, and doing all those other exercises that gym people do, grab a long board and hang ten!
  3. Surfing is unlike any sport out there! When you’re standing in the wave, the experience is unreal!
  4. When your stressed, try paddling out and separating your self from land. Have you looked to land from the water? Its a completely different perspective and your thoughts will become so much more clear.
  5. Even if you aren’t stressed, being out in the water is good for you mentally. Just like  Yoga, surfing is used for meditation. There is nothing to focus on but the wave.
  6. People go to the beach because its hot! So what better way to cool yourself off on a hot day than to go surf!
  7. Yes, you need a board but once you have your gear, its free! The ocean doesn’t charge you a cover and you don’t have to buy a lift ticket!
  8. No two waves are the same! The experience is different every time you go!
  9. Have you smelled surf wax before?! Its amazing! Enough said.
  10. One word: Babes.

What’s your top reason to get out in the water?

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