6 Airline Surf Baggage Tips for Traveling Surfers

6 airline surf baggage tips for traveling surfers

Quick Tips for Traveling Surfers

Sunscreen? Check! Wax? Check! Surfboard? Check! Packing for your epic surf trip is only half the battle! The other half? Dealing with the airlines and luggage! I asked our expert travelers for helpful hints on traveling with your boards!

  1. When packing, you want your boards extra padded so use clothing, wetsuits, and towels around your board in your board bag to ensure no breakage.
  2. Pack your wax, sunscreen, solarez, and other accessories in your travel bag. You can’t carry it on based on regulations. Make sure to put it separate baggies just in case there’s a leak!
  3. Check with your airline on bag limits, boards per bag and bag fees- if you’re planning on using a certain travel bag, it may prohibit that.
  4. Buddy up with your board bags. They don’t usually charge you for how heavy your bag is- just a flat fee- so you will save money in the end.
  5. Prepay for your luggage before you get to the airport- you may pay less money.
  6. One of South Coast’s owners, Steve, stresses this last tip: Always buy a bag with wheels! Nothing is worse than navigating through an airport carrying board bags.

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Does anyone have good travel tips I missed?

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  1. Robb Bailey
    Robb Bailey says:

    Nice post, Mandie. I would add that shoving foam pieces or dense pillows into the nose and rails of the boardbag has helped me avoid some costly dings when traveling overseas. I always assume the bag is going to be slammed against hard objects, because that’s exactly what happens when you fly. :)

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