Quick tips for Surfing on a Budget

Surfing on a budget

6 Tips For Money Saving Surfers

Most people think surfing is expensive (and it can be) but even if you’re on a budget, you can get the goods you need at a price you love!

  1. Go for a low budget suit. Each company has their own standard suit that fits your wallet so try O’Neill’s Epic, Quiksilver’s Syncro, or Rip Curl’s Dawn Patrol.
  2. If you’re getting your first suit, go for a full suit. It will keep you warm during the winter time and once summer hits, you can jump right into trunks!
  3. Don’t go crazy on high-end fins until you and your hacks are ready!
  4. Don’t skimp on the leash. This is where you don’t want to save money. Look at it this way- its the one thing holding you together with your board. If you save $10 on a leash and it breaks, you could be looking at a $100 repair or brand new board! Try FCS– they make great leashes!
  5. Get a used board your first time around. It will teach you how to take care of a board and if you ding it right away, you won’t be hating yourself forever!
  6. Check our Closeout store for deals on wetsuits, boards, and surf accessories. You might walk away with a bitchin’ deal!

Did we miss any great money-saving tips for surfers?? Let us know!!

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