9th Annual SCSA GROMFEST in Ocean Beach

Check out the photos taken Saturday morning in OB at the 2010 GROMFEST. The waves made for a great competition and all the local support was awesome. Look forward to an update to this post with full results and recap in the near future. Thanks for a great event.

UPDATE: Results

Little Wahine: 1.Tiari Thompson 2. Angelina Rose 3. Emily Rose 4. Brooke Young 5. Devon Donlon 6. Malia Humphrey

Wahine: 1. Vicki Gonzales 2. Katie Majors 3. Maddie Saxon 4. Kelsey Purbaugh 5. Rowan Griffiths 6. Lauren Reynolds

Grom: 1. Noah Jackson 2. Austin Correia 3. Jake Donlon 4. Chase Rodi 5. Riley Lane 6. Woods Rodi

Menehune: 1. Keone Betanzos 2. Zack Clark (SC) 3. Robert Lujan (SC) 4. Jordan Collins 5. Joshua Collins 6. Sean Purbaugh (SC)

Junior Boys: 1. Joe Diamond 2. Cody Sherman (SC) 3. Austin Nizic 4. Corten Singer (SC) 5. Kealoha Betanzos 6. Quetzal White

Longboard: 1. Josh LaRocco 2. Kyle Costa 3. Nathan Strom 4. Emmett Bartlett 5. Kye Miranda 6. Trey Saxon

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