Austin Nizic

Age: 12
School: Corriea middle school GPA 3.8
Years of surfing: 5
Years of competing: 3
Sponsors: South Coast, Oneill, SCSA
Favorite Surf Spots: Sunset Cliffs, Scorpion Bay
Favorite Trick: Hang ten


2006 Windensea Menehune – 4th place
2006 Sunset Cliffs Surf And Turf – 3rd place
2005 Windensea Menehune – 3rd place
2005 La Jolla Surfing Assoc Menehune – 3rd place
2005 Encinitas Menehune – 2nd Place
2005 SCSA Surf Turf – 5th Place
2004 Jetty Kid – 1st Place
2004 SCSA Gromfest – 1st Place
2004 Spinal Cords – 4th Place

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