Benefit Larry Ricci South Coast Raglan Public House

Benefit for South Coast Surfboard Shaper Larry Ricci

Please join us at Raglan Public House in Ocean Beach on Tuesday, August 7th from 5pm-close!


There will be drink specials & raffles all night! All donations will go to benefit our dear friend, Larry Ricci, who is recovering from neck surgery.

Don’t miss out on raffle prizes that include a Rip Curl gift certificate, a beach cruiser, Smith & Sun Cloud sunglasses, Wine Tasting gift certificates, Hodad’s gift certificates and much more!

Raglan Public House is located at:
1851 Bacon St.
San Diego, CA 92107

For questions call South Coast Surf Shop Ocean Beach: 619-223-7017

South Coast Surf Shops’ team rider John Norris is at it again. Here’s his account of a short trip to Portugal, the place he has come to know as the land of Hospitality, and epic sandbar wedges.

 John Noris Catching Air Surfing in Protugal

Surfing in Portugal


When I think of Portugal, one word comes to mind– hospitality. I’ve never in my life experienced such welcoming and friendly people. My trip to Portugal was a short one, but I think its almost better that way, only giving me a little taste of a country I now need to go back to and explore its entirety.

Only a couple days before I had arrived, I had no plans. I’d heard rumors of long points and dredging beachbreaks, wedgy coves and shallow slabs. This place seemed like the holy grail. Unfortunately there was no swell on the horizon but I didn’t care, I live for getting lost in unfamiliar countries. I was going.

A friend originally from Portugal who now lives in La Jolla found out I was going to Lisbon, messaged a friend and told him I was coming and wanted to surf. This is where the hospitality began. Without ever meeting the guy in my life, Tomas Valente messaged me and told me he could meet up the afternoon I arrived for a surf, and had a board that I could borrow for the time I was there. I rented a car and started the drive over to his house about a half hour away– if you know the roads that is. Not speaking the language and furthermore not understanding the street signs, I was lost. What should’ve been a thirty minute drive turned into an hour and a half, but eventually I made it. With a quick handshake to Tomas and his friend Diogo, these guys treated me like family.

We made our way to a beach named Guincho, a wedgy beachbreak nestled inside of a wind-sheltered cove. We see a couple of wedges and Tomas decides this is probably our best bet for the day. Keep in mind that there’s no swell in the water, but somehow with the way Portugal sticks out into the ocean, there are chest high wedges coming in. We surfed for about an hour, the tide got too high and it was time to move on to another wave. A five minute drive and we got to another playful beachbreak named Cresmina. Surfed again for about an hour and a half and we were beat. We head back to Tomas’ house and call it a day. He immediately asks if I wanted to surf again tomorrow and I gladly said yes.

The next day, there was a little bit of a south swell in the water so we decided to go a bit further to a wave called Praia Grande. There was a running left sandbar that would peel for a little over 50 yards with nobody out and we were on it. A couple hours later and a handful of great rides later, we were beat. It was time to say our goodbyes and start my journey home already. I told you it was short– but so well worth it. Everyone needs to give Portugal a try.

-John Noris

 Photos: John Noris Portugal Surfing

Surfboard Bag

Nearly all dings and cracks to your surfboards likely happen in transport, especially if your the type that throws a bare board in the back of your pickup truck. Protect your investment and save money on repairs by using a surfboard bag! Whether your heading down Voltaire street to sneak a barrel in OB or your planning a trip to Indo, South Coast has your board bag needs covered.

Day Trip Surfboard Bag:

When a quick coastal day trip is in order, the day bag has you covered. Coming in at a more affordable price than the world travel bags, day bags offer around 3-6mm of foam padding and sometimes a reflective side to keep your board from cooking in the sun and melting all your wax (hint: Don’t leave your boards cooking in the sun). Most day bags come in either single or double board capacities and are very lightweight and easy to fold up and stuff in the truck while you rip it up at that secret point break just south of the border. Padded adjustable shoulder straps are standard and a definite must for long hikes. Day bags are a needed step up from the board sock for everyday surf trips to your local break, as the added protection will keep unnecessary dings at bay and your rip stick in prime working order!
Dakine Surfboard Bag

World Travel Surfboard Bag:

When it comes to packing your precious boards away to hand over to the airline luggage destroyers, you have to have ample padding and rugged construction. A good world travel surfboard bag will have at least 10mm padding and some extra bulk in the nose and tail. Many of the larger “coffin” type bags that carry 3 or more boards will also come with padded dividers and internal tie downs so everything stays exactly the way you put it when you arrive at your tropical destination. For the minimalists out there, single board travel bags are available, but chances are you’ll hit a point in your trip when you wish you had extra boards when your single stick snaps on a reef or a possessive local. One of the greatest options available on the world travel bags is the rollerblade wheels making for super easy transport around the airport. Combine this with upgraded padded adjustable straps and you have one super mobile, ultra protective board traveling machine. (hint: A wheelie travel surfboard bag tends to be more reinforced in the tail section to support the rolling feature, offering your boards a much greater level of tail protection)
FCS Surfboard Bag

Best Budget Wetsuits of 2010

by Dan on November 22, 2010

Budget Wetsuits:

Looking for the best value on a new wetsuit? Don’t have an extra $500 for the latest tech gadgets? Then go back to the basics with the Best Budget Wetsuits of 2010. With everything you need and nothing you don’t, these suits are the best value around. So put that extra $350 back in your pocket and read on!

Billabong Budget Wetsuits

Billabong Foil – The first, but certainly not last of the Budget Wetsuits: Billabong packed the 2010 Foil to the brim with Furnace Lining throughout to keep you dry and warm. SuperFlex light weight stretch zones at flex points increase overall flexibility, while Ergonomic Performance Panels in the lower back to eliminate riding up and keep the Foil at the top of its flexibility game. Functional flexibility at the perfect price.

Xcel X-Zip - From the company responsible for the original front entry fullsuit, XCEL Budget Wetsuitscomes the wallet friendly 2010 Xcel X-Zip chest-zip full. Packed with many of the features found in suits twice the price, the X-Zip comes with super toasty Thermobamboo heat-retaining lining in the chest. Ultrastretch, Ultrasoft upper-body construction paired with SuperStretch lower body and Minimal Seam Design means you’re getting the most flexible suit for your dollar. Xcel tops it all off with reinforced stress points over glued and blindstiched seams for maximum durability.

O’Neill Epic IIO'Neill Budget WetsuitsThe completely redesigned Epic II wetsuits from O’Neill is not your everyday budget wetsuit. In fact O’Neill now incorporates many of the features found in the Psycho series such as: UltraFlex Firewall chest for superior heat insulation, double seal neck closure for flush protection, all new covert blackout zip, and LSD (lumbar seamless design) for ultimate flexibility. Krypto knee pads and an exterior key pocket with loop put this suit over the top as one of the best values around.

Quiksilver SynchroQuiksilver Budget WetsuitsThe 2010 Synchro from Quiksilver wetsuits is here to compete with a great lineup of features and new color ways. Constructed from 100% Hyperstretch II neoprene lined with HFT heating system in the chest to keep you warm and loose. Vaporstretch mesh chest panel offers high end warmth at a great price point, while the Hydroshield water barrier and Hydrowrap adjustable neck closure keep the dreaded flush at bay. Easy access external key pocket on leg allows you to get the car warmed up before you take off half your suit trying to find the poorly placed internal key loop used by some other manufacturers.

Rip Curl Dawn Patrol - Rip Curl Budget WetsuitsLast but not least one of our favorite budget wetsuits: 100% Ultralight Elastomax 3 neoprene construction puts the Dawn Patrol on top of the budget game with the lightest, stretchiest material available in a budget suit. Rip Curl Fireskin lining throughout guarantees you’ll outlast the lineup on those chilly morning sessions, while S-Flex knees and reinforced glued and blindstiched seams ensure long lasting performance. All in all, one of the best values around.

South Coast’s Best Budget Wetsuits

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Connoisseur’s Wetsuit Guide

If your one that is dissatisfied with the ‘next best thing’, always looking for that new tech feature or the best new waterproof coating, keep reading this wetsuit guide. South Coast presents the 2010 all-star team of wetsuits. From Patagonia’s new ‘green’ suits, to Quiksilver’s latest offerings, these suits are the best of the best. Whether your a self-proclaimed connoisseur or just looking for an upgrade from last years suit, this wetsuit guide is for you!

• Billabong’s SG5 (SG X)- billabong wetsuit guideThe Billabong SGX is the primo cut of Billabong’s 2010/2011 wetsuit series. On the plate this year is ‘large cell structure’ waterproof neoprene meaning less density overall and the lightest possible overall wetsuit. The SGX maintains warmth with the help of the ‘Water-Repellant Yarn’ construction making water bead up and roll off. The C2 Chest-Zip system combined with Internal Seam Weld keeps the warmth on the inside while fighting off the feared flush. This wetsuit is in a league of its own.

Patagonia R2/R3- patagonia wetsuit guidePerhaps the greenest suit around is Patagonia’s R series, a product from a company well-renowned for their conservation efforts around the world. But that’s just the side note. This suit is tech beyond measure. The most innovative feature perhaps being the Merino Wool Lining. This interior lining borrows from what fisherman, sailors, and divers have turned to for years to stay warm on the ocean: Wool! The added warmth of the Merino Wool lining allows for significantly less neoprene, making an overall lighter, more flexible suit at any water temperature. Nitrogen cell structure neoprene adds to the lightness factor, putting the Patagonia R series at the top of the list for the most technologically advanced wetsuit known to man. You have to try one on to do it justice!

• Xcel Infiniti DRYLOCK- xcel wetsuit guideCome to the stage- THE ORIGINAL chest-zip fullsuit, the Infiniti from Xcel. The most recent high-tech offering from Xcel wetsuits is the Infiniti DRYLOCK , taking the original chest-zip system to another level with the dual barrier DRYLOCK chest zip: Air-Chambered Airprene layered over a Thermo-Bamboo heat retaining lining achieving full waterproofness.  New to the scene is Xcel’s WRF- Water-Repellant Fiber exterior integrated throughout a UltraStretch UltraSoft neoprene suit held together with proven Fusion Seam technology. The combination of DRYLOCK front-zip, DRYLOCK wrist seals, geometric ankle seals, Fusion Seams, and the WRF exterior guarantee the ultimate combo in dryness. Check it out.

O’Neill Psycho II (& RG8 series)- The Psycho II is the image of continually evolving performance and quality from the world’s original wetsuit company. Incorporating O’Neill’s claim to fame, the Double Fluid Seam Weld, the Psycho II is a top performer in the seam department. New for Fall 2010 the SL XDS Air-Firewall in the chest and back provides extra warmth with less overall weight, leading the lightweight trend in the wetsuit industry. The warmer the materials used, the less material that’s needed. This is why O’Neill’s new SL XDS Air-Firewall material is revolutionizing the wetsuit.

RG8-o'neill wetsuit guide It wouldn’t be right to talk about the evolution of the wetsuit without including O’Neill’s all new RG8 series. RG8, or ‘Regenerate’ is the green movement in O’Neill’s wetsuit manufacturing process, making not just the RG8, but the whole O’Neill factory green and efficient. The RG8 series is constructed of scrap materials from the wetsuit paneling process around the O’Neill wetsuit factory, so that materials are conserved and the RG8’s construction process has access to all the latest and greatest neoprene technologies. Incorporating a diagonal chest-zip F.U.Z.E. closure system, and Psycho series tech features, the RG8 is proof that years of recycling research are beginning to pay off!

Quiksilver Cypher DS- Quiksilver wetsuits introduces their own rendition of the low-density neoprene technology with Air-Chamber Panels. Used along the back of the Cypher DS, Air-Chambered technology provides, you guessed it, low weight and extreme warmth! Add the Fiber-Lite neoprene construction and the Cypher DS is one lightweight performer. The Hydrolock dry chest-zip entry system incorporated into the Cypher DS will keep you dry and allow on/off in super hero telephone booth speeds. DST (Dual Seal Treatment) ensures waterproofness along with Quicksilver’s exclusive Bead-lock ankle, wrist and shoulder seals.

• Rip Curl F-Bomb Chest Zip- Fully maximized flex zones is the name of the game. The 2010 F-Bomb chest-zip from Rip Curl wetsuits uses pre-bent contoured flex zones, stitchless underarms, and 100% E3 Ultralight neoprene to produce a fierce competitor to the stretchy, lightweight wetsuit craze. The F-Bomb is more of a second skin than a wetsuit, so beware you might forget its on! Double Aquaban liquid tape and Fireskin lining offers up absolute warmth to go with that absolute flexibility. The ultimate combo of wetsuit technologies packed into the most lightweight package available, what more could you ask for!

Connoisseur’s Wetsuit Guide

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Connoisseur’s Wetsuit Guide

Ultimate Bootie Buyer’s Guide

by Dan on September 28, 2010

Ultimate Bootie Buyer’s Guide

As much as we all enjoyed our short summer, fall is upon us and winter is approaching FAST. The water isn’t 72F anymore and the sun doesn’t feel quite as warm. So, what do you do when the water temperature starts dropping and your toes go numb? You check out South Coast Surf Shop’s insane selection of booties and wetsuit accessories! Whether your surfing razor-sharp reefs in Costa Rica, or your ripping southern-hemi swells in the Antarctic dodging icebergs, we have the right bootie for you in our Ultimate Bootie Buyer’s Guide.

To make your winter bootie shopping spree easier on you, we’ve put together a the Ultimate Bootie Buyer’s Guide highlighting the best and the brightest of our bootie offerings this season.


Psychofreak  O'Neill Bootie Buyer's Guide3.5- One of two new additions to the Psycho family, the Psychofreak 3.5mm bootie will meet the high expectations you have come to have of O’Neill wetsuit products. Split toe design for uncompromised board control and feel.

Heat 3mm Split-Toe- Completely redesigned, the Heat 3mm Split Toe bootie offers up Fluid Foam neoprene construction. Featuring the Torsion Control Forefoot glued and blindstitched seams, textured rubber sole for durability, and the Top Shin Strap Anti-Flush technology.

Heat 3mm Round-Toe- Completely redesigned, the Heat 3mm Round Toe bootie offers up Fluid Foam neoprene construction. Featuring the Torsion Control Forefoot glued and blindstitched seams, textured rubber sole for durability, and the Top Shin Strap Anti-Flush technology.

Youth Heat Round-Toe- The Youth Heat Round Toe bootie offers up Fluid Foam neoprene construction. Featuring the Torsion Control Forefoot glued and blindstitched seams, textured rubber sole for durability, and the Top Shin Strap Anti-Flush technology.

Mutant 3mm Split-Toe- The new O’neill Mutant offers Fluid Foam construction in and out with Fluid Seam Weld and interior taped seams throughout for cold water protection. Internal split toe design to prevent that perfect barrel being foiled by your leash tripping you up. Forefront Foxing support system, and a multi-density rubber outsole keeps you at the top of your cold-water game.

Superfreak Tropical Split-Toe- With a tech drawstring cinch at the ankle, the Super Freak Tropical Bootie offers FluidFoam construction, Torsion Control forefoot strap, and a durable textured rubber sole. Split toe design for greater board feel and control. We also stock this tropical bootie in Round-Toe design if you aren’t digging the Split-Toe.

Ninja 3mm- With super minimalist design, the Ninja boot offers a unique bootie experience. The 3mm Ninja features Fluid Foam construction, glued and blindstitched seams, Top Shin Strap, split toe, and a durable rubber outsole for years of performance.

Reactor Reef- Easy slip on design Reactor reef bootie features round toe front, fluid foam neoprene throughout, and a durable textured rubber sole.


Rip Curl Bootie Buyer's GuideF-bomb Strapless 3mm- The F-bomb is the ultimate in warmth without compromising performance. Fireskin lining along with double taped seams and a super soft sole make the F-bomb astonishingly warm, flexible, and comfortable. Our newest edition of the F-bomb is the strapless boot featured here offers velcro closure and Tatex Foot Molds.

F-bomb 3mm Hidden Split-Toe- The F-bomb is the ultimate in warmth without compromising performance. Fireskin lining along with double taped seams and a super soft sole make the F-bomb astonishingly warm, flexible, and comfortable. Hidden split-toe action on this boot will keep your leash untangled so that perfect barrel doesn’t turn into a triple-set hold down.

E-bomb 1.5mm Split-Toe- Amazingly flexible, lightweight, and durable, the E-bomb boot form RipCurl is designed to be the ultimate in lightweight flexibility for maximum performance.

Dawn Patrol 3mm- Dawn Patrol Boots from Rip Curl’s updated line of tech booties feature Hydroloc Closure, Strapless Compression System, Supersoft Sole, and pull on heal strap for ease of entry.

Core Reefer 2mm Split-Toe- Core Reefer Split Toe booties form Rip Curl wetsuits feature Performance Airprene, and Semisoft Sole. Split-toe for greater board feel and control. As an added plus, your hippie friends will dig the name.


XCEL Bootie Buyer's GuideReef 1mm Split-Toe- 1mm lightweight flexible neoprene split toe booties from Xcel wetsuits will take your feet-shredding reef surfing sessions to another level. Protect your feet and get some extra traction with the Reef split toe boot.

Ultimate Bootie Buyer’s Guide

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Ultimate Bootie Buyer’s Guide

Billabong Pro Tahiti 10th Anniversary

by Dan on September 1, 2010

Round three and four of the Billabong Pro Tahiti are underway in Teahupoo today. Andy Irons, Dane Reynolds, CJ Hobgood, and  Pat Gudauskas took their heats with authority in the first few hours of the second round with near perfect tube rides and filthy snaps in 3-4 foot rippable Teahupoo. The swell is holding up for now with high hopes for another contest day tomorrow.

If you haven’t checked the live web feed of the contest at www.billabongpro.com, dont wait another second. This is one of the most epic contests on the ASP World Tour so don’t miss out. This years contest is going off as surfers are using the whole face of the wave pulling next generation snaps and massive airs in addition to the classic Teahupoo stand-up barrels.

Here’s the surf forecast for Tahiti over the next few days:

Wednesday, Sept 1- Small mix of old SSW leftovers in the morning, with a new SSW swell building in the afternoon and a touch of new SW swell also building. Surf is in the 2’ up to 3’ range (chest-head high on sets). Moderate+ E trade winds.

Thursday, Sept 2- Small mix of decreasing SSW swell and slow building SW swell with continued 2-3’ surf (chest-head high sets). Moderate to strong E/ESE trade winds.

Friday, Sept 3- Decreasing S and SW swell mix with swell in the 2’ range, occasionally up to 3’ (waist-shoulder high mostly, occasionally up to head high). Moderate to strong ESE trade winds.

Look ahead for updated post with results. Enjoy watching the heats.

Paddle for Clean Water

by Dan on August 25, 2010

Mark your calendars for Surfrider Foundation’s 19th annual Paddle for Clean Water September 12th at the OB Pier! This is an event every surfer and ocean lover alike should be stoked for.

The event kicks off with a free breakfast at 9am and features the paddle around the Ocean Beach Pier at 10am. Clif Bar is sponsoring the event as well so be ready for some tasty Clif treats on the beach. The non-competitive paddle around the pier is open to all non-motorized paddle-craft imaginable including surfboards, bodyboards, kayaks, outrigger canoes and much more.

Know Your H2O, a program designed to educate about the link between freshwater management issues and the impact it has on our oceans, waves, and beaches, will be highlighted at this years event. Water quality is a huge issue here in San Diego and Know Your H2O wants to make sure everyone has the power to help keep our oceans and beaches operational and as beautiful as ever!

Even if you dont plan to paddle, there will be plenty of beach activities and a 9-noon morning beach cleanup so come show your support! More info on the Paddle for Clean Water Festival can be found at:

www.surfriderSD.org or www.paddle4cleanwater.blogspot.com.