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Best Budget Wetsuits of 2010

Budget Wetsuits: Looking for the best value on a new wetsuit? Don’t have an extra $500 for the latest tech gadgets? Then go back to the basics with the Best Budget Wetsuits of 2010. With everything you need and nothing you don’t, these suits are the best value around. So put that extra $350 back […]

Connoisseur’s Wetsuit Guide – Best Suits from Top Brands

Connoisseur’s Wetsuit Guide If your one that is dissatisfied with the ‘next best thing’, always looking for that new tech feature or the best new waterproof coating, keep reading this wetsuit guide. South Coast presents the 2010 all-star team of wetsuits. From Patagonia’s new ‘green’ suits, to Quiksilver’s latest offerings, these suits are the best […]