Nixon Headphones Will Blow Your Mind!

Nixon HeadphonesNixon HeadphonesNixon Headphones

When you think of Nixon most likely you think of their edgy and quality driven watches. They have made their mark on the surf industry for years and continue to launch new and exciting watch designs for all occasions. What you may not know is that Nixon has recently ventured into the headphone market. Taking the technology they have applied to their wrist wear and modifying it for your listening pleasure. South Coast Surf Shops is one of the few proud vendors in the San Diego area to currently carry Nixon headphones. I took a test drive of some of the popular Nixon Headphones we carry to compare just how well they hold up to other brands.

Coming into this assignment of trying out the Nixon Headphones brand I was a bit skeptical. I have always been a fanatic of the brand that rhymes with rose. Most would figure it to be a daunting test for Nixon to match up with some of the more elite classes of headphones. What I found was actually surprising, and a good sign of things to come for Nixon. I tried out three of the styles of headphones we carry at South Coast currently. In no particular order, the Nomadic, the Trooper, and lastly the Whip.

Using my trusty famous Mac player I strapped in for the test. The Whip was the first headphone I tried out. At first glance it doesn’t scream quality, but I was surprisingly wrong. The sound came out crisp and I was able to adjust the sound level to an almost unbearable scream. The design is light weight making it perfect for the running enthusiasts. A variety of eye catching colors made them stand out just enough, and the price was competitive based on industry standards. My only complaint was the somewhat uncomfortable design. Not exactly what your looking for in that cross country commute. Overall, a perfect fit for those looking for a inexpensive headphone with a kick in sound.

The next two test subject were the Nomadic and the Trooper. Both larger than the previously mentioned Whip, but not too bulky. As sound quality goes, these two models really hit the mark. Compared to some of the past headphones I have owned, I could definitely hear the difference in quality. A really crisp sound allowed for my songs to pop. An adjustable ear volume control system was efficient and quality driven. The Nomadic style had foam padding on the ear and I was not thrilled at first to put them on. It seemed a bit cheap for a higher end model. I was definitely proven wrong. The foam was comfortable and would be great for extended usage. Overall, both of these headphones were a pleasant surprise in the mid to upper price range. Check out South Coast’s web-page for a more detailed description of each of these headphones features.

Change is often a difficult concept when it comes to technology you are comfortable with. Most times we will just roll with whatever next year’s model is for the same company. I have been a fan of certain headphone brands and had a bit of a hesitant pause to change to Nixon. After trying out their new models I left impressed with sound quality and looking forward to what comfort upgrades they will make in the near future. If your looking to branch out to a new headphone, try out Nixon’s new styles. For all your Nixon and other surf needs, stop in at one of South Coast Surf Shops five locations, or visit us online.

Nixon Headphones Will Blow Your Mind!

Save Big at South Coast Closeouts

by Jason on December 15, 2009

It’s getting down to those last few days of holiday shopping. If your like me, you’ve waited until the last possible moment to get those perfect gifts. Unfortunatley, I check my wallet and see only Washingtons. Reach into my pocket and pull out only lint. Times are tough and money is tight. Come on in to South Coast’s Closeout store where you’ll always find the best deal. Almost all of our merchandise is 50% off the original price. Tee’s, hoodies, jeans, dresses and much more can be found at amazing prices. When your looking to finish up that holiday shopping, stop in at South Coast Closeouts and turn that lint into the ideal present.

Ho Ho Ho Holidaze!!!

by Jason on December 3, 2009

Can you believe it, but the holiday season is upon us already? Not everyone is ready to drop $500 on a brand new surf board. South Coast has made it easier on the wallet as well as you when it comes to finding quality holiday gifts. Our sales table is a thrifty shoppers dream. It features items under $10 and $20. Many of these gifts make incredible stocking stuffer ideas or stand alone as a fantastic gift. All the major brands are represented and you can find gifts for both sexes. Some of the perfect gift ideas featured are wallets, purses, tees, dvds, and many more just to name a few. So stop bye South Coast and make your holiday shopping just a bit easier. No time to shop, jump online at South Coast’s web store.

Are you ready to make a difference in the easiest way possible?  You don’t need to lift a finger or even leave the country.  Soon enough you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home.  Now that I’ve been vague enough, I’ll let you in on the secret.  Tom’s Footwear has finally arrived at our South Coast stores!  So what does this have to do with making a difference?  The answer is easy.  Tom’s is a world brand name that is known for their charitable nature.  Not only are Tom’s fashionable and comfy, but they donate one pair of their shoes when you purchase one to needy children around the world.

It is extremely rare for companies to be socially concious in the grasp for what you can get, economy of the present.   Some companies are generous enough to donate to charities at the end of the year (just in time for tax season), but seem to be more interested in the publicity that follows.  Tom’s is unique in this respect.  Blake Mycoskie started Tom’s with one dream in mind, put shoes on as many less fortunate children as possible.  To date they have given away over 150,000 pairs of shoes.  A remarkable number for a company in business less than 5 years.  I could give you all the details about the charitable nature of Tom’s, but their website will do it better justice.   I find it quite refreshing in such ugly days of business to see a company strive for more then just the bottom line.  Fortunately, Tom’s footwear is anything but ugly.

Most companies will stick to a formula for footwear or clothing and just modify as competiton has the latest and greatest.  Tom’s doesn’t fall into this trap.  Taking a sneak peek at our most recent shipment, I could tell their style was not a clone.  At first I believed them to be shoes for ninjas looking for a quiet shoe to sneak up to their enemy in.   After a while they started to ware on me, and I started to become more of a fan after I heard their back story.   Comfort was never an issue as I slipped into my first pair.  Bye, Bye, bulky sneakers and hello ninja kicks.  The materials they put into the product are very light and allow for ample movement.   Arch and heel support are features found on most Tom’s.  Only one more reason to slip you tootsies into a pair today.

One for One is Tom’s mission statement, and with how much they have helped in the past few years it is an appropriate slogan.  The great thing about working in the surf industry is that occasionally you run across some inspirational companies trying to make our world better.  Tom’s isn’t the only business helping one pair at a time, but they set up a model I hope others will follow.  Check out their site to learn more or go to one of South Coast Surf shops 5 locations and see them for yourself.

It’s really time to think about picking up a new surfboard don’t you think? That old beast you’ve been riding with 8 thousand dings, and Solarez repairs all over has had it. You’ve heard of the South Coast Closeout’s store(or sales store), and all their great deals on clothing and boards. The problem is that your not a psychic and have no idea what we have in stock. Here is your chance to check out a visual representation of the boards we have currently in stock at the sales store. A little music makes it not totally repetitive, so give it a view and see if we have the board that fits your surfing style. These boards may be available at our other South Coast locations, but not at the “closeout” prices the sale store can offer. Take a peek, you might just find your next weapon of mass destruction.


No, I’m not making up some weird name for a surfboard just to get your attention.  There is definitely nothing strange about the performance of this baby.  We continue our shaper series with one of South Coast’s newest board creations, the Chub.  Summer is upon us and shaper Larry Ricci has given us all a treat with this new design.  A board that will give one more performance than what you may be getting from your small wave shredder.

The Chub, as it is affectionately known, is designed for those surfers in mind that like a little more manueverability and speed than they may get from the traditional egg or longboard shape without sacrificing wave catching ability.  This board can also take the place of the fish, which also offers those elements as well.  The difference being, with the Chub, there isn’t as much volume as with a fish and can be a great transition from the short board design you might be currently riding.  It’s best heard from shaper Larry Ricci himself, so check out the video that goes along with this post. 

As with all of our South Coast shaped boards, you can demo the Chub at our South Coast Shops, free of charge.  A great way to test out a board before making the investment.  On June 20th, at Crystal Pier, all boards including the Chub, will be on display to demo.  To pick up the Chub, or any other surfboard that South Coast has to offer, stop by any of our five location in San Diego or shop online at southcoast.com. 

World Champion surfers, free swag, beautiful weather, and most importantly the chance to demo every surf board that South Coast Surf Shops has in it’s arsenal. Not just that, but you can also try out some of the best Rip Curl wetsuits they have in their surf line. The fun doesn’t stop there! Some of the great performance models of FCS Fins will be on hand for you to peruse. This sounds like a dream sequence that most people have before they wake up to screaming kids or blizzard like conditions, but on June 20th from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm at Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach, you have the chance to make that dream a reality. No really, our surf demo extravaganza will be a day you won’t forget.

South Coast surfboards have always been a main staple of the San Diego area, and this is your opportunity to feel American made boards beneath your feet. Everyone of our floor models from the longboard coaster all the way down to the high performance short boards will be available to ride and see what a quality made board feel like. Are you in the market for a board but don’t know what shape or skill level your ready for? Put those buying fears to rest. The sky’s the limit on this special day, where you’ll be able to test multiple models to get a better idea of what you might like to take home. Just bring and i.d. and all the boards are at your leisure. Not a surfer, but a fan of the beach? We have that covered too with some great swag giveaways and many extraordinary personalities.

South Coast is also honored to have surfing legend Tom Curren and current pro surfer Taylor Knox to share in fun. Tom Curren won 3 world championships on the world tour and his innovative surfing has inspired many future surf champions, including Kelly Slater. Taylor Knox has been a competitive surfer on the world tour, and is currently ranked 10th in his sixteenth season. Both surfers are California natives and great ambassadors for the sport of surfing. You might not be a big time surfer, but the chance to meet these amazing personalities will be well worth the experience. Tom and Taylor will also be ripping on some of the demo boards to show you the full potential that can come from our South Coast boards. Boards shaped and glassed in San Diego by Robin Prodanovich and Larry Ricci. Both shapers and glasser Mark Smith will be on hand to answer any questions about the boards and give you some great stories about their life experiences. If your still not sold by all this amazingness (yes, I made up that word), we will also be raffling off some amazing products from Dragon Sunglasses as well as Rip Curl goodies.

South Coast demo day will have a little for everyone. Don’t let the chance to try out our boards or meet some surfing legends pass you by. Bring the kids, your family, and some friendly strangers you might meet along the way. Mark your Calendar for June 20th from 8-12 at Crystal Pier, or come to the South Coast shop in Pacific Beach and they will point you in the right direction. We look forward to seeing you there!!

Summer is quickly approaching and you still haven’t picked up that surfboard that will set you apart from every “Joe Six Pack”, and visiting tourist from Iowa. You’ve checked out our shaper series over the past few weeks and have loved all the great big board designs, but are still left with that desire to break free from the monotony of traditional summer shapes. Maybe you even have a classic fish and have ridden that thing to death. Time to take a look at a design so new shaper Larry Ricci just generated a name to go along with it. A board born by “accident”, the Arrowhead Fish is upon us.

Sometimes shapers tinker with current designs and end up with a shape that they think will rip. Often, in most cases such as this one, a board is created when a shaper is reproducing a standard and gets a little too crazy with the foam. Larry Ricci had this happen to him recently while shaping a classic fish model and decided to run with it. After a few of the South Coast shop riders took it out, they fell in love with this beautiful “mess-up”. As you can see it has a pulled in nose for increased performance and a wider double wing cut. Both of these features as Larry mentions will turn a classic into a speed machine. Perfect for many wave conditions and just a fun board to substitute for the egg or noserider you might be currently ripping on.

All South Coast boards are proudly shaped and glassed in the United States. With quality built into all of our boards, you know that they will last longer and hold up better than new “pop-out” boards, or surfboards that are shaped in China. Support our economy as well as the local surf shop and pick up one at any of our five South Coast locations. This board is available for demo, so try one on before making that big investment. Stop in at South Coast.com to take a look at our large selection of South Coast surfboards or any of your surf accessory and clothing needs. Check back in the future for more from our shapers and boards they believe you will love.

When it comes to tradition, South Coast Surf Shops has a long history of stylish and quality private label brand clothing.  This spring we’re giving you the another chance to jump into summer looking like a million bucks… well at least for most of us at least a 1000 big ones.  As the weather starts to turn, you should be dropping your hoodies for much more comfortable and relaxing tees.  But alas, looking in that closet all you see is plain black and white, boring, and holey tees.  How can you make an impression or turn heads when that hole in the armpit is stopping you from waving at those you pass?  Fear not, those in need of a little something called “style” can look no further than South Coast to save you from just another tee.

Whether it’s that beautiful art design or a shot of your favorite local surf break, South Coast has the goods.  This spring we have continued to give you all the classic looks with some amazing new design logos.  As the video above showed, there’s a look for just about anyone.  South Coast has always been a great place to stop in for the locals, but it also makes the perfect gift for those who want to bring home a gift that makes women cry in happiness and men bow in respect.  So maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but a South Coast tee is a pleasant surprise for those unlucky enough to not join you on your San Diego trip.  If your a local, then take part in the surf tradition that has been around for over 30 years and pick one up for yourself.

Anyone can wear a plain colored tee that says “brand-x”, but try getting out of that comfort zone and let South Coast help you dress to impress.  Summer is just around the corner and you can be the one with a fresh new tee on while that other person has to hide their holey shirt in shame.  For all your surf need stop in at one of our five South Coast locations or visit us at southcoast .com for shopping made easy and fun.

When you picture a shaper, what do you imagine they look like? Often a shaper is the “man behind the curtain” in the surf industry. Most people have heard of Rusty, Al Merrick, and Erick Arakawa when it comes to the big names in shaping. Amazingly enough, these giants in the industry only make up a percentage of all boards ridden in the U.S. The odds of you getting one of these gentleman to personally shape a board for you is pretty limited unless you’ve got an immense bankroll. Well Jason, where can we go then for an affordable and quality made surfboard? Wait for it……

As we’ve talked about over the past few blogs, you know that South Coast employs talented in-house shapers that will meet with you to shape a board by your specifications. Our “shaper series” videos have let you get an insider view of some super fun South Coast boards we have to offer. As I learn more about our shapers, I really start to appreciate their craft and passion for the sport. You’ll know that your getting a quality board and that it’s being put in very competent hands when your speak with them. Not everyone knows what shape or size is perfect for them, but Robin Prodanovich and Larry Ricci have been surfing and shaping for decades. This insider knowledge helps them to put everyone on a board they end up loving. That’s something you can’t always expect when you grab a board from the rack.

We’ve already met and heard from Robin Prodanovich about a few of the boards he’s most excited about. Now take a trip with me to meet another of our great shapers, Larry Ricci. I’ve personally had the pleasure to know Larry for the past four years as an employee at South Coast. Throughout the years I’ve learned many amazing things about his life and philosophy on shaping. Larry has been all over the world and has surfed in almost every possible wave condition you can imagine. Worldly experience has helped him to incorporate this knowledge into his board designs. Robin and Larry both transferred their love for the ocean and surfing into a successful shaping career. Larry started shaping back in the late 70’s and found that his friends loved his designs and wanted him to shape their boards. He was able to take boards from the big names in the business and take what ideas he enjoyed about their boards and mold them into his own shaping. Eventually, Larry was able to springboard his personal shaping success into a career working for some of the best board companies in the world. At South Coast we have been able to lock him down for the past several years. He has shaped more boards then one can count and has come up with some amazing designs you might have ridden already. Anyone who knows Larry, realizes that if you get him started on a conversation about surfboard shapes, your in for at least an hour discussion. Normally that would put anyone to sleep. His passion comes out though in these meetings with him. Someone who loves their job and craft so much has to make a quality board. Larry accomplishes both respect and admiration for those lucky enough to get to share a few moments with him. If you have a chance stop by South Coast and learn more than you would ever expect in a short time with Larry. Don’t let the long hair scare you away! He is one of the most approachable people I have ever had the pleasure to know, and he is happy to shape about any board you might have dreamt about.

In this video Larry will talk about one of his favorite models, the Wing-Quad Fish. The Quad Fish paddles like an old school fish but takes maneuverability to the next level. Single to double concave, cutwing, and quad fin set-up provide increased turning performance in a wide variety of wave conditions. Watch the video and really get a better understanding of what this board can do for you. If you want to learn more about Larry Ricci make sure to click on the link above for some other great articles and interviews with Larry the “Legend”. For all your surfing needs, make sure to stop in at one of South Coast’s five locations or visit us online at southcoast.com.