South Coast Competition Longboard

South Coast Competition Longboard

The great thing about surfing is you will rarely ever get bored with all the sport has to offer. Just when you think you’ve perfected your bottom turn, the guy next to you is throwing monster floaters in your face. You’ve finally conquered your local surf break and some buddies think going to Baja sounds fun….oops, maybe you still have more to take from surfing! As long as the sport keeps evolving, there will always be a way to up the ante in what you can accomplish. Point being, don’t let your surf get rigid because you get comfortable. Over the past few blogs we have had an opportunity to check out the most critical way to change your surfing. In our “shaper series” we’re taking a tour of all the great surfboards that South Coast has to offer. Having in-house shapers allows for the surfing fan to check out different shapes and styles of boards, with the experts helping to direct you onto that perfect board.

South Coast Competition LongboardWe’ve already checked out the Prod-Quad and the Swegg with Robin. Both boards offering some different performance aspects for varying conditions. We hang with Robin for one last time as his talks about the South Coast CK Competition Longboard. One of the great things about South Coast is we have some amazing team riders that help the shapers develop boards with their ideas from surfing. This insider knowledge will provide with killer boards that all levels of surfer will enjoy. This board was shaped with NSSA competitive surfer Chris Koerner in mind. Take one last “safari” with Robin in the series as he walks you through this blog’s featured south coast competition longboard.

Remember kids, all boards and surfing accessories can be picked up at one of our five South Coast locations, or online at southcoat.com. Make sure to check out our sale store, South Coast Closeouts in OB for huge deals on all surfboards.

South Coast Competition Longboard

We continue with our “shaper series”, about some of the hottest surfboard models South Coast Surf Shops has to offer. Last time we checked out the Prod Quad, and got an insider view of all that board could offer. This week we will take a magic carpet ride on the South Coast Swegg, so hold on tight. Come on a tour with Robin Prodanovich as he points out some of the great features that the Swegg will provide you.

Available from 6’8″ to 8’6″ the Swegg is our most popular mid-sized board. Part egg, part modern fish, this multi-fin design paddles great and works in small to overhead surf with ease. Really a fun hybrid board that many levels of surfer will appreciate. If this looks like a board that you can’t wait to get your hands on, stop by any of our five South Coast Surf Shop Locations or online at Southcoast.com. This board is available to demo if you want to see how this baby rides before making the investment.

For many of us it’s difficult to find that surfboard that’s just right. Size, shape, surfability, and cost often are just too much to take in when picking up a board. Fortunately, at South Coast Surf Shops we have in house shapers that can help to make many of those tricky board decisions a lot easier. In the next few blog articles we will take a look a some board designs that our shapers are really stoked on. You’ll get first hand information from the guys behind the scene. Today we’ll take a look at the Prod-Quad surfboard with shaper Robin Prodanovich.

Robin is a perfect example of the an “old school” surfer who turned his love for surfing into something even greater. A long time surfer and overall waterman, Robin picked up his first blank in 1968 by stripping an old beat up board and used somewhat outdated technology to shape his first board. Ever since then he has not looked back and has learned how to change and adapt to an often evolving industry. He had the pleasure of shaping for Rusty and some other major surfboard lines. In 1982 we were lucky enough to grab this valuable free agent to help bolster our own private label boards. Robin has a great story and just hanging out with him for a few minutes, you feel as if you’ve gained years of knowledge about boards. I was able to get a true sense of his passion for shaping and the sport he has grown to love for most of his life. Check out his video to learn about one of the great boards that South Coast has to offer.  Make sure to come into South Coast Surf Shops to try on one of our great boards.

It’s almost that time to trade in your jeans and khakis for those old reliable board shorts that have been hibernating at the bottom of your closet. Oh, you forgot that the last pair was lost in Mexico and your backup trunks have a hole that would make any Brazilian bikini model blush. Time to invest in a new trunk that looks good as well as gives you ultimate performance. Unfortunately with today’s economy, reaching into your wallet to buy new board shorts isn’t always feasible. South Coast Surf Shops has the answer to ease those financial woes. The new spring/summer line of South Coast board shorts are in!

South Coast has long been known for it’s private label brand of clothing.  Whether it be tees, polos, or board shorts, you know that your getting a quality South Coast product at a reasonable price.  This year is no different except for the vast number of styles in board shorts we’re offering.  “Amazing, one of a kind, innovative, and stylish”, these are just a few of the reviews we’ve received from the major clothing critics.  OK, maybe I’m lying about those comments, but our board short line this year has some really great styles and performance oriented features.

One of the great new features of our board shorts is the 4-way stretch material.  This allows for better movement in your surfing and higher performance than most traditional trunks.  South Coast board shorts also offer multiple styles and colors so that your not handcuffed to just one look.  Are you a fan of the classic old school look?  Or maybe you want a trunk that will make the girls go “hey”.  Whatever your taste we offer a little bit for every surfer or summer lover.  Personally, I live in my board shorts during the summer and want a variety of looks and material for all aspects of my beach life.  With this summer line it will be difficult not to find something just for you. 

Don’t sacrifice your hard earned dollars for just any pair of name brand trunks.  South Coast board shorts offers you the quality and style expected from a major company without the high price usually associated with them.  Stop in at one of our five South Coast Surf shop locations, or shop online at South Coast.com for all your summer surf needs. 

Not every beach community is as hard core as it is with the Bra Boys, but the most common concern for most beginning surfers is the fear that they will run into some meat head who will beat them up for taking their wave.  Although that is a rare occurrence out in the water, you still will have your fair share of “run-ins”  with some local who thinks they own the ocean.  This clip has an interesting perspective on localism. So should you just stay away and leave the beauty of the ocean and the spirit of surfing behind?  That answer is simple, no of course not.  Any time you go into the water you should follow a few guidelines that will make your surf experience and those around you safe and fun.

In the few years that I have been surfing, I have managed to learn a couple of simple surf etiquettes that insure your surfing can stay magical and rewarding.  You just picked up your brand new South Coast surf board and are ready to charge your local surf spot or so you thought.  After about twenty minutes of thrashing around and getting nasty looks you finally see the perfect wave and start paddling.  “Kook, get out of the way” or something to that effect is all you hear as some guy buzzes by you.  You first reaction is of course to give that guy a piece of your mind, he doesn’t own the ocean and that wave is just as much yours as it is his.  To some extent you would be right, but there are a few things you should keep in mind when starting out.

First off,  there is a unspoken hierarchy for dropping into that perfect wave.  That guy might have been waiting an hour or longer for the same wave and has been surfing at that spot for years.  The most important thing when starting out is to be patient.  There are plenty of waves for everyone and you’ll get all you can handle.  Take your turn with everyone else and you will be much more respected.  Next, make sure to be polite out in the water.  I don’t mean saying please and thank you, or saying excuse me after burping.  Just don’t freak out or lose you cool if someone steals your wave or you can’t manage to catch anything while everyone else is looking like Kelly Slater.  Fights occasionally happen and it is important to be the one enjoying the next set while others fuss about.  Also important is learning about who has wave priority.  All other problems with veteran surfers stem from this one area.  The person who is closest to the peak of the wave or where it is breaking, (the foamy white part) has priority of the wave.  If you see someone paddling into a wave and they have this position then let it go.  Often you will be out of position and someone will let you have the wave so listen for them to say go ahead.  When in doubt, just always wait.  As you advance in your surfing you will learn how annoying it is to have someone “steal” your wave.  Along with this, is making sure that you don’t drop-in on another person’s wave.  This means cutting off another person who is on the wave already.  Lastly, make sure to control your board after you fall or if a monster wave is coming for you and your not going to make it.  Safety should always be a major concern when you go out and many new surfers think it’s ok to let their board fly around.  That thing can be a weapon if not handled correctly.  If you see a big wave coming when paddling out or your going over the falls, make sure to hold onto your board so someone doesn’t get wacked.

It is likely that you may accidentally “break” one of these rules, so be polite and say sorry if you do something wrong.  Other minor things to consider are not being loud or obnoxious. It’s just annoying and takes away from the peaceful nature of surfing.  Also, don’t be a wave hog.  Most likely you’ll start out with a bigger board that catches waves easier, so share the wealth.  I can’t guarantee that you’ll go out and have no problems, but if you go out with a positive attitude all the rest will fall into place.  No one will be able to call you a dummy again.  For all your surfing needs, check out our five South Coast locations or shop online at southcoast.com.

Bulky, plain, and just uncomfortable are a few adjectives that described the board shorts of the past. No longer is that an issue with the new and improved O’Neill Hyperfreak board shorts.  The hottest board shorts to hit the market in years.  With O’Neill’s new technology, they have developed a short that is lighter and more comfortable than any other on the market.

The Hyperfreak is one of the few shorts out that literally feel as if you are surfing in the nude.  Remember that nightmare where you show up to school with only your undies on?  Well, when your wearing the Hyperfreak, it feels as if that dream just came to reality and that’s not a bad thing.  The Hyperfreak features some of the newest board short technology to the industry.

With the Hyperstretch fabric your given ultimate flexability.  This is crucial when making sure your surfing isn’t hindered by the lack of movement that traditional shorts give.  Now you can pump down the line faster and snap that board without having your legs held back from the full range of motion.  Comfort is now one of the most important design features when selecting a pair of shorts.  With the Hyperfreak as mentioned before, you will be amazed at how light and free moving they are.  Superfly 2.0, flat stitching, and non-stretch waistbands are just a few recent additions that make the Hyperfreak a step ahead of other shorts.  The Superfly 2.0 allows for less bulkiness in the fly.  Flat stitching takes away the seam that is usually felt while surfing.  This is important to prevent rashing that you might normally face, allowing for longer surf sessions.  The non-stretch waist band assures that your trunks will stay on in epic surf.  Since the material is so light weight it also dries quicker so that you can go out for that evening surf session or just toss them on and grab a post surf meal.  Hot colors and different styles assure you that no matter you will stand out in the line-up or just walking around town.

I can honestly say in my opinion that these are one of the best board shorts to come out in years.  O’Neill has made the Hyperfreak with the surfer in mind and has left nothing to be desired.  Pick up a pair and you will see just how light weight and comfortable they are.  Whether you want to extend your surfing time or simply have a relaxing short to laze around in, then the Hyperfreak really is for you.  Stop in at South Coast surf shops and try a pair on for yourself.  You never feel more “freaky” in your life!

New Era puts style in wearing hats

by Jason on January 28, 2009

Are you tired of your boring old Padre’s hat? The days of wearing the simple style of your favorite team’s baseball lids are over. No longer are you forced into wearing just one color of your favorite sports team. New Era is bringing you the hottest colors and models of their very popular 59Fifty fitted baseball hats.

New Era has taken the traditional colors of your favorite sporting teams and has shaken things up. How often do you wake up and go to your closet and say man I wish I had a hat that matches this shirt? No matter what the occasion New Era has the rainbow spectrum of colors you need. You can now find many of these colors and styles at South Coast surf shops. The 59Fifty model from New Era gives you the opportunity to spice up any wardrobe.

New Era’s 59Fifty model has been one of the company’s most popular brand name for years. Each season they are finding new ways to improve on the original with new colors, logos, and fits. Sizes of the 59Fifty range from head sizes 7-8, with all popular sizes in between. No matter how big your melon, they have the fit for you. The custom 59Fifty fitted cap has a distinct embroidered (raised) team logo on the front, stitched New Era flag on the wearer’s left side, and embroidered Major League Baseball logo on the back. Inside the hat features branded taping that lets you and everyone else know it’s New Era. All New Era 59Fifty hats also feature moisture absorbing sweatband to keep the sweat out of your eyes on a hot summer day. As you can see and will feel, this is the cream of the crop when it comes to fitted hats.

Make sure that your not the only one at the beach or ballpark without your own New Era fitted hat. It will really make you stand out when everyone else is wearing their “average Joe” Padre’s hat. Stop in at South Coast surf shops to pick the best style and color that defines you.