Tony Mezzadri Classic - Surf Contest for spinal cord injury researchThe 15th annual Tony Mezzadri Surf Classic will be held Saturday morning, September 27 2008, at the foot of Ocean Beach pier at 7:00am. The contest offers a variety of heats for all ages, a BBQ luncheon, live music and an opportunity drawing with prizes. A Spaghetti Dinner with Silent Auction fundraiser will be held the night before on Friday September 26, 2008.

South Coast Surf Shops will be celebrating its 15th year supporting the fundraising contest, with all proceeds going directly to spinal cord research.

In September 1994, Tony Mezzadri had a tragic accident while surfing at the Ocean Beach pier. It was a typical beautiful San Diego morning and Tony was a happy, carefree young man of 24 years enjoying the exhilarating sport he had loved since childhood. In an instant, Tony’s life was changed forever. On that memorable morning, he broke his neck, resulting in a severe spinal cord injury. In that moment, Tony’s life changed dramatically. From then forward, it would be a life of depending on others for almost every physical need, a life in a wheelchair.

But Tony’s life was anything but tragic. [click to continue…]

2-for-1 Boardshorts Sale*

by Robb on September 18, 2008

South Coast Surf SHops Board Short Sale

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*All Sales Final. Not valid with any other offer. Valid for select merchandise only. No layaways. See store for details.

How to Choose the Right Surfboard

by Robb on September 17, 2008

By Robb Bailey

If you’re just learning to surf, the kind of board you use is second to learning the ins and outs of the sport. At South Coast Surf Shops we get a lot of beginners looking to purchase the right surfboard straight away, with no real experience in the water. The best approach is to get your feet wet before you pull out your credit card, using as many surfboard types as you can in order to learn what your style preference is.

If you can ride a handful of demo boards or borrowed boards before you buy, all the better. Once you’ve gotten a handle on the sport and the handling abilities of different surfboards on a wave, you will come to understand the art of choosing your perfect surfboard. Then you can make the investment of buying a surfboard that you can be happy riding every day.South Coast Noserider Longboard Surfboard

First things first: be sure to start learning with a bigger board. Most beginners learn how to surf on a long board, a board that is at least nine feet long. Any board longer than nine feet will be much easier to learn on because it will be much more comfortable to lie down on, much faster to paddle out to the break, and much easier to catch a wave. With time, practice, and patience, you will be standing up on your long board and catching waves in no time. At that point, you may consider a smaller board.

Let’s talk a bit more about the advantages of the long board. The factors that allow you to catch a wave are the size of the wave, the velocity of the wave, and the quality of your board. The key for beginners is to not get a board that is too short or too narrow. You will be much happier starting out on a long, wide board, as you will catch more waves and get more practice standing up. You’ll have far less inclination to lug a heavy board around with you, so find a board that is light enough to carry around. The thickness of the board doesn’t matter as much, but try to get a board that will fit comfortably under your arm or one that you can actually carry for at least two blocks. [click to continue…]

Sheckler has a lot of fans. Not only is this kid super talented, but he’s also making a pretty cool Volcom hoodie for the groms out there.

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Made with thumb holes to keep your sleeves where ya want ‘em, this all-over printed fleece hoodie comes with mesh eyeholes and printed eyeballs so you can get goofy with your friends… and of course the signature full face zip makes this limited edition Volcom piece your new case of ADHD completely legitamized.

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The Sunset Cliffs Surfing Association SCSA will be hosting the 5th annual “Gromfest” Surf Contest and BBQ at the Ocean Beach Pier Saturday September 6, 2008 starting at 7 am.

Back in early summer 2003, Point Loma residents Lisa and Rick Haux , owners of MOR
Furniture 4 Less contacted the Ocean Beach Mainstreet Association OBMA a local
merchant’s association about wanting to do something for the youth in the area in
remembrance of a long time employee Carl Warner who had recently passed away.
OBMA having worked in conjunction with the Sunset Cliffs Surfing Association in the
past promoting healthy and safe activities for local kids contacted SCSA and asked we
contact Lisa and Rick. The “Gromfest” was born.

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624 E St (between 6th Ave & 7th Ave)
San Diego, CA 92101 (619) 237-9990


South Coast Surf Shops has teamed up with SurfShot Media in a fund-raiser for SurfAid International. The fundraiser will be held at Bareback Grill, in the heart of downtown San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter on Thursday, September 4. The fund-raising party has been timed in conjunction with ASR, the surf industry’s biggest convention of the year, held at San Diego’s Convention Center September 4-6.South Coast ASR Party with Surfshot

According to co-owner Heather Shields, the partnership between SurfShot and South Coast for an ASR event is a perfect match.

“South Coast has been serving the San Diego surfing community since 1974, and SurfShot magazine has grown to be one of our most supportive partners for local advertising. When they came to us with the idea for a SurfAid fund-raiser, we jumped on it.”

Said John Cocozza, account executive and staff photographer for SurfShot, “We wanted to do something for all the ASR people to let loose after the first day of the convention, and maybe conduct a little business over a burger and beer with colleagues. The entertainment will be top-notch. It’s an event that everybody will be talking about the next day.”

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Big Worm’s Big Give

by Robb on July 16, 2008

by Kimmy Lamb

On Wednesday, May 28th, anyone strolling past RT Longboard’s in Pacific Beach may have just thought the bar was having a good night, but those on the inside knew that this night was more special than most. On this particular evening, the family and friends of Matt “Big Worm” Joyce came together to honor his memory, as well as raise money to support his cause, BIG Worm’s CF Life Foundation.

When Worm decided to start a foundation for kids with Cystic Fibrosis (CF), he set out a plan with his uncle to make it successful. Worm had a hand in every aspect of creating a foundation that continues to improve the quality of life for CF patients during their treatment plans. The Big Give was a fund raiser in memory of Worm and his work.

Worm had a lot of friends, but the amount of people who showed up to support the Big Give was way beyond our expectations. The bar was packed, with standing room only.

It was tough to weave through the crowd, but as I did, I could overhear people sharing stories about how they met Worm or how he had touched their lives…

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By Robb Bailey

Surf wax was designed to make the top surface of surfboards tacky. Although wax is a great way to keep the deck of a surfboard stickified, maintenance is a bit of a task (lazy surfers, right?). Wax requires constant re-application, and after a few sessions in the water it’s usually time to strip the old stuff off and start fresh. A more permanent solution is available with the use of deck grip.

Using deck grip or surf wax on a surfboard are equally effective methods to getting the tacky factor that surfers look for. In fact, most shortboarders use a traction pad for their rear foot and wax for the chest/front foot area, utilizing a combination of both. But there really is no “correct” or “right” way to get your board set up. It’s a personal choice, and every surfer will choose a slightly different setup depending on preference.

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Selecting the Right Surfboard Leash

By Robb Bailey

Although often overlooked, matching the right surfboard leash with the day’s conditions and environment can make or break your session.

The purpose of a surfboard leash is two-fold:

  1. To keep the board from getting washed into shore.FCS Surfboard Leash
  2. To keep the board from possibly injuring someone else.

Most surfers stick to one type of board and leash setup for everyday use. For the most part, one type of leash will do just fine. But the leash you use to surf a California beach break in 2-3 foot conditions is not the same leash you would use to surf 8-10 foot island waves with a reef below.

Different surfing conditions, surf locations, and board sizes will determine what leash to choose. Here are the general features that determine what type of leash to select:

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Shannon Payne McIntyre
Shannon Payne McIntyre is a native San Diegan, surfer, artist, writer, surfboard shaper, filmer and host for “On Surfari,” and most recently a Momma.

Shannon obtained her BA in studio arts from Pt. Loma Nazarene College; where she earned the nickname “Soul Cruiser,” and has kept the mellow surf-seeking gypsy attitude towards life ever since. Shannon donates her artwork regularly to raise funds for the SurfRider Foundation and speaks at Schools, Churches, and Correctional Facilities inspiring people that everyone has unique talents and purpose in life.

She has received notoriety for her creative efforts and travels in numerous publications including SURFER, Surfing, SG, Surf Life for Women, Surfer’s Path, Surf Session France, Beach Girls Japan, Surf Trip Journal Japan, Tracks Oz, Surf Girl UK, Waves Girl Oz, Outside, Men’s Journal, Dandelion, O2, Risen, Big, Cosmo, as well as several San Diego articles, web interviews, and TV appearances.

Many of Shannon’s paintings are inspired by God, combined with her passions of surfing and travels throughout Asia, Indonesia,Polynesia, Melanesia, Australia, South and Central America, Caribbean, Europe, and the Middle East.

Shannon says, “I love making it look fun. I do my best to capture that moment in surfing where everything stands still and instant bliss overcomes you. These experiences are burned into my mind when all the colors of the water and surroundings are so intense, and my senses are overwhelmed by the taste of salt water, the sky,sounds of rushing water, joy, and pulsing adrenaline. It’s in these times that I especially give thanks to God for all of Creation, allowing us to be creative, and to Jesus for teaching us to walk on water.”

Check out Shannon’s website at