Back to the Basics: 10 Tips for Beginning Surfers

Joe Diamond

Beginners Listen Up

Do you find yourself daydreaming about grabbing your board and charging it into those perfect barrels? I’m sure everyone does but if its your fist time surfing, we have 10 helpful hints that will get you shredding in no time!

  1. Team up with someone knows how to surf! You will need pointers along the way- don’t go by yourself!
  2. Figure out if you’re goofy or regular. Quick test- Stand feet together and have a friend push your back forward. Whatever foot you step forward with is your leading foot. It is the same for surfing as it is for snowboarding.
  3. Practice popping up on your board in the sand. You want to get that down before you get in the water.
  4. Put your leash on your back foot- not your leading foot.
  5. Never hold your board parallel to the beach when in the water. The waves will take you out!
  6. When paddling, keep your chest up and dig deep in the water. You will save yourself lots of energy!
  7. Surf in front of a lifeguard station.
  8. Stay away from big crowds in the water. It will be easier to catch waves with less surfers in the water.
  9. Know the local “rules” of the water! Be respectful and humble in the line up!(Please refer to our surf etiquette post).
  10. Go to a core surf shop (preferably South Coast!) and talk to the employees! They work at a surf shop because they love surfing- they are the best ones to help you out!

Lastly, remember to never give up! It can get frustrating  but it takes time- I’m sure Kelly Slater thought it was hard at times too! Check out our rental rates if you would like to give surfing a try and good luck!

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