Billabong Pro Tahiti 10th Anniversary

Round three and four of the Billabong Pro Tahiti are underway in Teahupoo today. Andy Irons, Dane Reynolds, CJ Hobgood, and  Pat Gudauskas took their heats with authority in the first few hours of the second round with near perfect tube rides and filthy snaps in 3-4 foot rippable Teahupoo. The swell is holding up for now with high hopes for another contest day tomorrow.

If you haven’t checked the live web feed of the contest at, dont wait another second. This is one of the most epic contests on the ASP World Tour so don’t miss out. This years contest is going off as surfers are using the whole face of the wave pulling next generation snaps and massive airs in addition to the classic Teahupoo stand-up barrels.

Here’s the surf forecast for Tahiti over the next few days:

Wednesday, Sept 1– Small mix of old SSW leftovers in the morning, with a new SSW swell building in the afternoon and a touch of new SW swell also building. Surf is in the 2’ up to 3’ range (chest-head high on sets). Moderate+ E trade winds.

Thursday, Sept 2– Small mix of decreasing SSW swell and slow building SW swell with continued 2-3’ surf (chest-head high sets). Moderate to strong E/ESE trade winds.

Friday, Sept 3– Decreasing S and SW swell mix with swell in the 2’ range, occasionally up to 3’ (waist-shoulder high mostly, occasionally up to head high). Moderate to strong ESE trade winds.

Look ahead for updated post with results. Enjoy watching the heats.

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