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Bob Marley Sector 9 Complete Series

by Raleigh on May 16, 2011

bob marley sector 9

Bob Marley Sector 9 Complete Series

The Bob Marley Series from Sector 9 is the latest and greatest series of completes to roll out from the guys at sector. A four board series each one has its own specific purpose and rastafari style. Built with the same quality components that compose all Sector 9 completes these boards are not just a collectors piece but are also very ripable. Clear grip on all the decks showcases the Bob Marley sector 9 branding on the vertical laminated beautiful bamboo. Here is a short description for each board model to help you decide which one you want if you can’t have them all. Available at South Coast Surf Shops.
Sector 9 Revolution

Sector 9 Revolution

The Revolution complete boasts a sick collage of Bob Marley images in monochrome mixed with a hint of rasta colors. The red 70mm 75a Nineball wheels match this board perfectly and will grip great combined with Gullwing Charger Trucks. Pick up some speed get your back foot on the rail and break lose to some rasta vibes on this longboard.
babylon sector 9

Sector 9 Babylon

Same 5 ply bamboo total cruiser style. Great for cruising around beach cities where curbs and crack features liter the path. You would be a fool to have anything bad to say about this skate
player sector 9

Sector 9 Player

The Player Complete is for the athlete who takes living the the fullest most serious. Pick this board up and hold it then set it down and stand on it. You can easily imagine yourself taking a nice bomber at some good speed with. At only $179 you can use the hardware on your other downhill deck and frame the limited edition deck.

Sector 9 Soul Rebel

The Soul Rebel is similar the revolution in shape and flex but only a few inches shorter. Slightly narrower trucks at 9 inches wide this board will be perfect for cruising around town. You’ll be sure to get good vibes from all the local green people with the 65mm 78a Soy Biothane Nineball Wheels.

Bob Marley Sector 9 Complete Series

This tribute series is one of a kind and we are proud to offer them at South Coast.

Click any of the board photos for specific details or to purchase.

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