Back in March our team rider, Jonah Pierce, starting riding South Coast boards.  After meeting with our shaper, Dan, two boards were custom made for Jonah, based on what he was looking for.  In the blog post below, read what Jonah had to say about the new South Coast surfboards!

On Wednesday I surfed my new South Coast epoxy surf board, that was modeled after the Dane Reynolds’s Channel Island #4. This board was extremely fast through any section and was really good on a rail but still had a great release. This was my first time surfing an epoxy board. It was super light and buoyant. This made it excel in small waves because it wouldn’t sink and lose speed. This board has a double bump in the tail which is also why it has such speed. The double bump keeps the rail straighter then your standard rails which allows for more drive and forward projection. This board is a perfect groveler board for ankle to chest high waves and I highly recommend getting one from South Coast Surf Shop.

Today was a stormy day so I decided to head up to La Jolla with my second board which is a standard epoxy short board with a rounded squash tail. When I arrived at Scripps it was 6ft to 8ft with the ovational 10ft waves. On the smaller waves it was really ripable and super fun. The bigger waves were doubling up on the sand bars and making massive barrel that reminded me of my trip to Hawaii last year surfing at Pipe Line but not as warm. This was my first time riding this South Coast surf board and it handled the barrels and speed really well but I could still release the tail when I wanted to. The whole session there were random big sets that would come through and would hit the sand bar perfect giving it a perfect shoulder. These waves looked like back door Pipe Line.   Eventually I got lucky enough to be in the perfect spot for one of these waves.  As I was paddling I could see the wave sucking up on the sand and I stood, grabbed my rail and pulled into the barrel. As I pulled into the barrel I just saw a huge blue wall going over my head, and sound just stops. Then, I see this huge open hole in front of me that continued to get smaller and smaller. The wave just wouldn’t stop going, but the section was to big to make and eventually ate me alive. The barrel was probably the longest and biggest closeout barrel of my life and it was super fun. Thanks for reading, I’ll have another post up some time next month.

- Jonah Pierce

Jonah March Blog

 Surf Photos taken by George Barns

Salty Crew is a San Diego based brand that is quickly gaining attention from coast to coast!  The goal is to focus on the basics and get back to a time when surfing, fishing, diving and sailing was top priority!

The “About Us” statement on the Salty Crew website so perfectly sums up what they are about, we thought it would be best to share it in it’s entirety.



Teeki: Cleaning Up the Planet

by Mandie on March 25, 2014

Teeki Yoga Pants

South Coast Wahines Newest Member: Teeki

What do you get when you combine a fashionable, comfortable yoga pant with plastic bottles that pollute our earth? You get Teeki: a sustainable company dedicated to saving the environment and make products you love! Teeki is a California based company that believes humans and nature can coexist in perfect harmony. In doing this, it is our duty to recycle and keep our earth clean! Did you know it takes 400 years for mother earth to naturally breakdown plastic bottles? By recycling, we can help prevent pollution and cut down landfills [click to continue…]

BLACK FRIDAY Sample Sale!!

by Kim Lamb on November 27, 2013

No one likes the hassle of going to the mall on Black Friday! Stop by South Coast Pacific Beach on Friday to take advantage of the best deals in town! RVCA, Nixon, Von Zipper and Quiksilver will be selling samples from 8am-12pm! Don’t miss out! Cash only!


Have you seen these QR Codes?

QR Codes
QR CodesQR Codes are becoming mainstream and if you are still unaware of how these funny looking barcodes function then keep reading. If you’ve ever taken a psychology class you might be familiar with the Rorschach inkblot test. In this psychological test subjects perceive images of ambiguous ink blots and make associations of what it looks like. This one looks like a lion face. New QR code technology actually has nothing to do with inkblot testing although the barcodes do sometime look similar. Fortunately smartphones take the guesswork out of figuring out what the mirage of black and white pattern really means. Simply put, QR codes are unique patterns that you can take a picture with your smartphone and be linked to a web page or URL.

QR Codes Real Estate SignEvery industry has its own application for the technology. A great example of the implementation of QR Codes is for the real estate industry. A QR Code on a real estate sign allows house or building shoppers to instantly get more information on the property by linking to the web listing. Say goodbye to those always empty ‘please take one’ flyer boxes and say hello to a new paper saving alternative solution.
The surf industry has also began to see the positives in using the new technology of QR Codes. If you read magazines at all then you have seen the codes being published in the past months. A new way to call readers to action the codes allow printed ads or articles to easily link mobile users to more information or even video of the printed content. This Vans ad displays exactly what we are seeing more and more of in the magazines.

VANS uses QR codes

Vans QR Codes
As more and more people aquire smartphones with QR Code readers we will see more and more of these black and white patterns everywhere. South Coast is in the process of implementing the technology into bridging our online and retail stores. We realize that many people are still green to the idea of these codes showing up everywhere which is the reason for this article to familiarize the public. Many retail shops are already using the technology and you can expect almost every retailer to be implementing them in the next year or so. Best Buy has already started as you can see in this photo. If a store associate isn’t available a customer can simply scan the code and be linked to the online product page containing reviews and information on the camera in this case.

Best Buy QR Codes
Hopefully this article has familiarized you more with this exciting new technology that we at South Coast will be putting to use in the future. Free QR Code reader applications are available for almost all smartphones search google for your phones app. If you are fortunate enough to have an iphone here is a free QR code scanner app at itunes.

QR codes are the future.

Patagonia Wetsuits

by Raleigh on March 22, 2010

Patagonia Wetsuits

Patagonia Wetsuits

Patagonia Wetsuits

Since 1997, Patagonia has designed, manufactured, and distributed surfboards shaped by Yvon Chouinard’s son, Fletcher. Fletcher’s vision has driven Patagonia’s current efforts to address the needs of the ocean athlete, providing only what’s needed: board shorts, wetsuits [along with booties, gloves, and hoods], and sweaters and baselayers for warming up out of the water. We also have some shirts, pants (trousers and legwear), and shorts for those whose minds are on the ocean.

South Coast Surf Shops your San Diego connection for Patagonia Wetsuits. People have been catching the eco-friendly wave making patagonia a more prominent name here in California when shopping for wetsuits. You are encouraged to go and scope the Patagonia Wetsuit Page to find out all the details on what makes these suits stand out or shop online at southcoast.com. These wetsuits are not sold direct from Patagonia but South Coast has all your needs covered when it comes to providing surf gear that speaks environmentalism.  Patagonia Wetsuits: Warmer, More Environmentally Conscious.

Patagonia Wetsuits

Save Big at South Coast Closeouts

by Jason on December 15, 2009

It’s getting down to those last few days of holiday shopping. If your like me, you’ve waited until the last possible moment to get those perfect gifts. Unfortunatley, I check my wallet and see only Washingtons. Reach into my pocket and pull out only lint. Times are tough and money is tight. Come on in to South Coast’s Closeout store where you’ll always find the best deal. Almost all of our merchandise is 50% off the original price. Tee’s, hoodies, jeans, dresses and much more can be found at amazing prices. When your looking to finish up that holiday shopping, stop in at South Coast Closeouts and turn that lint into the ideal present.

Ho Ho Ho Holidaze!!!

by Jason on December 3, 2009

Can you believe it, but the holiday season is upon us already? Not everyone is ready to drop $500 on a brand new surf board. South Coast has made it easier on the wallet as well as you when it comes to finding quality holiday gifts. Our sales table is a thrifty shoppers dream. It features items under $10 and $20. Many of these gifts make incredible stocking stuffer ideas or stand alone as a fantastic gift. All the major brands are represented and you can find gifts for both sexes. Some of the perfect gift ideas featured are wallets, purses, tees, dvds, and many more just to name a few. So stop bye South Coast and make your holiday shopping just a bit easier. No time to shop, jump online at South Coast’s web store.

It’s really time to think about picking up a new surfboard don’t you think? That old beast you’ve been riding with 8 thousand dings, and Solarez repairs all over has had it. You’ve heard of the South Coast Closeout’s store(or sales store), and all their great deals on clothing and boards. The problem is that your not a psychic and have no idea what we have in stock. Here is your chance to check out a visual representation of the boards we have currently in stock at the sales store. A little music makes it not totally repetitive, so give it a view and see if we have the board that fits your surfing style. These boards may be available at our other South Coast locations, but not at the “closeout” prices the sale store can offer. Take a peek, you might just find your next weapon of mass destruction.