Channeling Dad for Christmas

Gift Ideas for Dad

I know it would be great to give Dad that perfect Swegg surfboard for Christmas but sometimes our wallet doesn’t match our heart. If you are like me, you are on a budget this Holiday season! If you are looking for a good gift that is extremely minimal try Macks Ear Plugs ($3)- great for surfing…or weed whacking, sleeping, or tuning out the kiddos. South Coast tees are always a great gift! We have over 30 designs in just about every color and they run from $18-$28. Does dad constantly look up the tide on his phone?? Grab a Ted Robinson Tide Calendar for $20. On a budget for $30-$50- South Coast fleece is always a hit or snag some Quiksilver Surfcheck Slippers for $32. It IS already December and getting toasty (well…kind of if you live in San Diego) and a flannel is always a cool choice! Try the O’neill Red Stone Flannel ($74.50).
Other great gift ideas are an FCS Board Bag ranging from $80-$100 and the Rip Curl Pipeline World Tide watch $275 (if you wanna surf the best, you gotta have the right tools)! Big Spender?? Try the new GoPro Hero3 Black Edition with built in wi-fi. This puppy runs at $399.99 but it will capture your most epic moments in action sports! Or you can always get him that South Coast Swegg (I think you may squeeze a tear out of his eye with that one). Remember to stop into any of our 5 locations to pick up your Ultimate Holiday Buyer’s Guide for gift suggestions for everyone!

Happy Shopping!

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