Closeout Store Board Inventory

by Jason on July 8, 2009

It’s really time to think about picking up a new surfboard don’t you think? That old beast you’ve been riding with 8 thousand dings, and Solarez repairs all over has had it. You’ve heard of the South Coast Closeout’s store(or sales store), and all their great deals on clothing and boards. The problem is that your not a psychic and have no idea what we have in stock. Here is your chance to check out a visual representation of the boards we have currently in stock at the sales store. A little music makes it not totally repetitive, so give it a view and see if we have the board that fits your surfing style. These boards may be available at our other South Coast locations, but not at the “closeout” prices the sale store can offer. Take a peek, you might just find your next weapon of mass destruction.

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