Video: Cody Sherman

Cody Sherman

Contest Results:

02/13/2010 NSSA – Southwest Explorer Juniors Event #7 Ocean Beach 4th
01/02/2010 NSSA – Southwest Explorer Juniors Event #5 Mission Beach 3rd
11/14/2009 ISF #2 Ocean Beach 3rd
10/03/2009 NSSA – Southwest Explorer Juniors event #2 Huntington 3rd
08/29/2009 8th Annual Gromfest Ocean Beach 2nd
08/15/2009 Tony Mezzadri Surf Classic Ocean Beach 3rd
06/13/2009 Sun Diego Invitational pro-am Ocean Beach 2nd
12/14/2008 ISF #3 Moonlight 2nd
12/14/2008 Fulcrum Surf Series Stop 3 South Mission 1st


Cody Sherman Interview:

Age: 16

Height: 6’1

Weight: 180

Stance: The Regular

Favorite wave: wherevers good

Best surf trip you’ve been on: Costa Rica

How long have you been surfing: first wave was at 2 on the nose of my dads board. Didnt really start surfing till about 5 years ago..

What high school did you go to and what year did you graduate: I go to Point Loma High, I’ll graduate in 2012

How long have you been a South Coast team rider: Almost 4 years id say

How do you feel about surfing contests: Love them, i get burned out on them sometimes, but ya there good fun.

Who do you like to surf with: Me, Myself and I

What kind of boards do you ride: South Coast?

What’s your favorite board of all time: Still searching

Favorite bands: oooh too many, heres a couple; Allman Brothers, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Hendrix, Zepplin, Neil Young, Pearl Jam, & The Police,

Favorite surf movies: Gosh uumm…. Mick, myself and Eugene, ARC, and Kelly Slater’s Black and White

Favorite Surfers: Fanning, and T.knox

Who would you like to thank or say hello to: I’d like to thank Larry for his incredible shapes, Steve for helping me out in the surf world, Josh Morse for teaching me how to surf and being a mentor/ surf coach, Julie Klien for leading me in the right direction, and the one and only Fabiano “Fupa” Sarmento for all of his help, generosity, and his hilarious quotes. –Cody Sherman
Cody Sherman

Cody Sherman