Video: Cody Sherman

Cody Sherman

Contest Results:

02/13/2010 NSSA – Southwest Explorer Juniors Event #7 Ocean Beach 4th
01/02/2010 NSSA – Southwest Explorer Juniors Event #5 Mission Beach 3rd
11/14/2009 ISF #2 Ocean Beach 3rd
10/03/2009 NSSA – Southwest Explorer Juniors event #2 Huntington 3rd
08/29/2009 8th Annual Gromfest Ocean Beach 2nd
08/15/2009 Tony Mezzadri Surf Classic Ocean Beach 3rd
06/13/2009 Sun Diego Invitational pro-am Ocean Beach 2nd
12/14/2008 ISF #3 Moonlight 2nd
12/14/2008 Fulcrum Surf Series Stop 3 South Mission 1st


Cody Sherman Interview:

Age: 16

Height: 6’1

Weight: 180

Stance: The Regular

Favorite wave: wherevers good

Best surf trip you’ve been on: Costa Rica

How long have you been surfing: first wave was at 2 on the nose of my dads board. Didnt really start surfing till about 5 years ago..

What high school did you go to and what year did you graduate: I go to Point Loma High, I’ll graduate in 2012

How long have you been a South Coast team rider: Almost 4 years id say

How do you feel about surfing contests: Love them, i get burned out on them sometimes, but ya there good fun.

Who do you like to surf with: Me, Myself and I

What kind of boards do you ride: South Coast?

What’s your favorite board of all time: Still searching

Favorite bands: oooh too many, heres a couple; Allman Brothers, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Hendrix, Zepplin, Neil Young, Pearl Jam, & The Police,

Favorite surf movies: Gosh uumm…. Mick, myself and Eugene, ARC, and Kelly Slater’s Black and White

Favorite Surfers: Fanning, and T.knox

Who would you like to thank or say hello to: I’d like to thank Larry for his incredible shapes, Steve for helping me out in the surf world, Josh Morse for teaching me how to surf and being a mentor/ surf coach, Julie Klien for leading me in the right direction, and the one and only Fabiano “Fupa” Sarmento for all of his help, generosity, and his hilarious quotes. -Cody Sherman
Cody Sherman

Cody Sherman