Channel Islands Surfboards
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Come on down and ride the latest models from Al Merrick and Channel Islands Surfboards…

Channel Islands Surfboards

San Diego CI Surfboards Demo Pacific Beach Pier June 4th

All demos are free bring ID. Call or stop in South Coast for details on this event or to browse our full selection of Channel Islands Surfboards.

Since 1969, Channel Islands Surfboards has been dedicated to performance and quality through hard work, innovation, and originality. Over the last 38 years, Channel Islands has grown from a local grass-roots operation to a cutting edge organization, catering to the best surfers in the world. It started with hard-core surfing and quality in mind and these guidelines have brought us through three decades of constant change in the surf industry. Channel Islands will shape the new millennium with innovative design and quality as our main focus.

“The driving force behind Channel Islands Surfboards is the demand on design created by the world’s greatest surfers, allowing for the highest performance surfing possible. To provide the most dedicated surfers with the most advanced, performance designs is my passion” - Al Merrick, Designer/Shaper

Channel Islands Surfboards

Cory Edging GoPro Headmount

Forgot my goon cord the first session and all I did for water spots was spit I need to get some RainX.

I’m lucky enough to have a buddy that makes some music that is absolutely perfect for surf edits. Stoked he let me use any of his beats. Thank you Seiji! Here is one of many to come. And here is a link to some of his music:

-Cory Edging

Shop Rider Cory Edging With GoPro Headmount POV


Sample Sale

Quik Accessories/wetsuits courtesy of Chad Mitchell: $256.00
Quiksilver Clothing courtesy of Pat Artukovich: $305.00
Nixon/RVCA/VonZipper courtesy of Erik Maki: $740.00

Parking Lot and Inside Sale

South Coast PB: $1348.00

For a grand total of: $2649.00

Chad Mitchell, Erik Maki and Pat Artukovich from left to right.

Super sick spring edit from some of our shop riders you are going to NEED TO WATCH.
Featured at surfer mag.

Nick Hardwick

Center for the San Diego Chargers, recently came to South Coast Surf Shop in OB looking for a new surfboard. SC shaper Larry Ricci custom shaped him a 10’0 epoxy Longboard. The dimension are a whopping 26 inches wide by 4 inches thick! Gotta shape them big for a 300 pound NFL all pro center!Nick HardwickHere is a photo of Steve Cowan, Rob Ard and Larry Ricci with Nick Hardwick at the Longboards shop. South Coast couldn’t be happier to have Nick as our newest “team rider” oh yeah and GO CHARGERS!!Nick Hardwick title=

Nick Hardwick San Diego Chargers Custom Surfboard

South Coast Surf Shop rider Ryland Rubens just had his people send us this photo evidence of his barrel last Saturday. We thought you should check out the photo sequence. Looks like fun Ryland keep it up!

Check out for more info. And remember to bring your re-usable bags with you shopping on December 16th!

Here’s a great way to give a holiday gift to the environment!

Join residents and businesses throughout the San Diego Region in giving up disposable bags in favor of reusable bags for 24 hours, or more…

Day Without A Bag is an education and grassroots event being coordinated by nearly every city and the County of San Diego, with the support of leading environmental organizations, and involves businesses and individuals throughout their respective communities. On this day we ask holiday shoppers and retailers to forego single-use plastic and paper shopping bags in favor of reusable bags.

Held the third Thursday in December, Day Without A Bag – 2010 will be held December 16, 2010, when San Diego County shoppers will receive an early holiday present, courtesy of a giveaway of over 25,000 reusable bags at more than 70 Giveaway Locations throughout San Diego County. In addition, a Community & Media event will be held featuring education activities and a press conference.
Education & Awareness

A unique coalition of major retailers, local governments and regional environmental groups have come together to organize the inaugural San Diego Regional Day Without A Bag, which urges consumers to forego environmental harmful single-use plastic or paper grocery bags in favor of reusable shopping bags. By raising consumer awareness about personal choices, the event’s short-term goal is to educate shoppers throughout San Diego County to adopt more sustainable shopping habits during the holiday and coming year. The event’s long-term goal is to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags throughout the county by empowering shoppers, and local communities at large, to take simple and direct action to eliminate unsightly debris and save taxpayer dollars.

More than 1.7 billion plastic bags are used in the throughout the San Diego Region each year. That’s an average of 500 bags per person per year. Made from non-renewable fossil fuels, plastic bags are recyclable – however, studies show that less than 5% are actually recycled. Even when properly disposed, plastic bags are often blown out of trash cans or pulled out by birds and easily carried by the wind to become tangled in vegetation, clog storm drains, or make their way to waterways and the ocean where they become an even greater threat to marine life. As a coastal community with a vibrant and growing tourism base, much of which is tied to our local beaches and the ocean, it is in our best interest to consider measures to respect, preserve and protect those resources.
What YOU Can Do
A Day Without A Bag – December 16

Participate: Bring your own reusable bag when you shop at grocers and all other retail locations, especially on December 16th.

Acknowledge: If your favorite retailer promotes reusable bag use, take the time to thank them for their efforts. If you see friends and neighbors using their bags, tell ‘em “Thanks for remembering your bag!” – everyone can use positive feedback for remembering to use them.

Share: Look for retailers that have great reusable bags, give them as gifts

We love getting feedback like this from local boardriders who are doing big things in the world. We wanted to share this with everyone because of the great cause behind it. Be sure to check out the video and if you want to help click this link to purchase the song on itunes. Thanks Casey. Glad you love your SC Boards and we’ll pass that along to South Coast shaper Larry Ricci.

So I just recently got back from Indo…I got out of there before the tsunami hit the mentawais.

I’m in a local band here in SD called Stained Glass Saints and I also play out solo under my own name CASEY TURNER. We shot a music video in the mentawais and Bali 2 months ago and are donating all the proceeds to the itunes sales of that song to SURFAID to help the tsunami victims. Here is the link to the music vid. The song is called “Wayan and Friends”. Pass it on and maybe buy the song on itunes and help donate…if you are down. Maybe you can spread the word. There is a shot of an SC board on my scoooter in the begginning. I’m loving my new SC board Larry Ricci has some of the best shapes I surfed your boards the whole time I was out there. click on da link and check out the video.

Wayan and Friends (music video) – Casey Turner



Thanks Cody for sending us this video! Now here it is for the masses. We are huge fans of Cody Sherman here at South Coast. Keep up the good work nice little edit!