Ryland Rubens Dominating – Another Victory at Seaside Reef Open

Ryland Rubens Seaside

Ryland Rubens pulls off his first Open victory of the season at the Seaside Reef Open Boys division.

He also advanced all the way to the semi finals of the difficultly contested Juniors U16. Rubens, currently 12 years old, enjoys stepping up a bracket because he says it pushes him harder and he can learn from the older surfers which makes him surf better. Ryland has also had three strait victories in the Explorer Menehuenes to top it off.

A Pacific Beach San Diego local, Rubens 6th grade, maintains a 3.6 GPA which makes this well-rounded surfer a true role model for all young surfers with a great future. Awesome work Ryland.

Ryland’s Sponsors: Billabong, Headhunter, Dakine, FCS, Sector 9, Rusty Surfboards, GromBomb, and South Coast Surf Shops.

2011 Rip Curl Pro Search San Francisco

2011 Rip Curl Pro Search San Francisco

The 2011 Rip Curl Pro Search starts November 1st in Ocean Beach, San Francisco.

“The Rip Curl Pro Search event is always a tour stop I get super excited about. I love the idea of pitching up to a place I haven’t been before. You get to see somewhere different and meet new people. I also love the trying to adapt to waves I’ve never surfed before.”-Mick Fanning

The 2011 Rip Curl Pro Search is the only ASP event with a “floating license” on tour. The “floating license” allows Rip Curl to change locations year-to-year. This years location provides diverse conditions that will challenge the world’s best surfers. The event will take place between stairwell 20 at VFW’s north to Kelly’s Cove.

2011 Rip Curl Pro Search

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The 2011 Rip Curl Pro Search San Francicso will be webcast LIVE via http://www.live.ripcurl.com


Rip Curl Pro Search SF 2011

Scholastic Surf Series Oceanside Local Contest

A contest with waves!

Words: Fabiano Sarmento
The exclamation heard up and down Oceanside pier from frothing groms, stoked moms, and everyone in-between. Surfers in the SSS Oceanside event over the weekend had the privilege of competing in consistent 4-6 Northwest groundswell as the howling offshore kept the faces steep and wide open for any maneuver they could contort their bodies to perform.

South Coast Team riders don’t take these conditions for granted. These team riders surf 2-3 foot on-shore slop as often as most of us beg Surfline to read something other than “Poor Conditions” on our day off. Middle School Surfers saw one of South Coast youngest and most polite talents Sean Purbaugh ride his 5’3 shortboard to a 6th place finish in the finals. Freshmen surfers Josh Larocco and Katie Magers effortlessly perched their way through their respective heats. A leash-less Josh showed immense confidence and control in his heats as he refused to back away from the nose even on the largest of sets earning 6th place in the Men’s Longboard final. Katie came out amping to compete on her one session custom South Coast Retro Longboard, There a few gambles greater in competitive surfing than riding a new stick in a heat and yet she stood tall, calm, rocking a spring suit and an ear to ear smile all the way to 4th place in the Women’s Longboard final. Shortboarders Cody Sherman and Cole Holderman used their repertoires of under the lip vertical snaps and rail burying gouges to earn top merits for Point Loma High school’s Team heats against Carlsbad. Cody “Squid” Sherman is a big kid weighting in at 170lbs standing at 6’0. Cody kept it simple, turn harder then turn harder. Cole displayed good variety as he moved from tight snaps to wide backside arcs and closed out with his favorite signature chop-hop to make sure we all stay entertained. You have a whole beach watching, might as well put on a show right? Special acknowledgement goes out to Freshmen shortboarder Spencer Bingham. Spence may have fallen short of advancement but proved he will not go down without a fight. In the heats dieing moments he battled priority away from a Carlsbad team rider only to take off behind the section and somehow found the speed he needed to throw down a nice 3 snap combination.

A solid set of results for our SC riders, congratulations everyone. Team riders from the Ocean Beach South Coast Surf Shop have been keeping busy on the contest front. The Scholastic Surf Series formerly the Interscholastic Surfing Federation started their season in October.

Here is an update from Team Manager Donn Clark:

In the San Diego County Middle Schools competition Sean Purbaugh is ranked #6 in short board and Zack Clark is ranked #1 in long board. In the San Diego High School competition Katie Majors is ranked #4 in girls long board, Cody Sherman is ranked #5 in short board, Spencer Bingham is ranked #10 in short board and Josh LaRocco is ranked #1 in long board. Look for the team to finish strong in the 2nd half of the season with the top 3 from each division going to the State Championships in Oceanside.

Billabong Pro Tahiti 10th Anniversary

Round three and four of the Billabong Pro Tahiti are underway in Teahupoo today. Andy Irons, Dane Reynolds, CJ Hobgood, and  Pat Gudauskas took their heats with authority in the first few hours of the second round with near perfect tube rides and filthy snaps in 3-4 foot rippable Teahupoo. The swell is holding up for now with high hopes for another contest day tomorrow.

If you haven’t checked the live web feed of the contest at www.billabongpro.com, dont wait another second. This is one of the most epic contests on the ASP World Tour so don’t miss out. This years contest is going off as surfers are using the whole face of the wave pulling next generation snaps and massive airs in addition to the classic Teahupoo stand-up barrels.

Here’s the surf forecast for Tahiti over the next few days:

Wednesday, Sept 1– Small mix of old SSW leftovers in the morning, with a new SSW swell building in the afternoon and a touch of new SW swell also building. Surf is in the 2’ up to 3’ range (chest-head high on sets). Moderate+ E trade winds.

Thursday, Sept 2– Small mix of decreasing SSW swell and slow building SW swell with continued 2-3’ surf (chest-head high sets). Moderate to strong E/ESE trade winds.

Friday, Sept 3– Decreasing S and SW swell mix with swell in the 2’ range, occasionally up to 3’ (waist-shoulder high mostly, occasionally up to head high). Moderate to strong ESE trade winds.

Look ahead for updated post with results. Enjoy watching the heats.