Firewire Goes Green with Surfboards

Firewire Introduces Eco-Conscious TechnoGrain

Firewire Channels Green Technology

With the ongoing pursuit to find greener products, Firewire Surfboards teamed up with Australian cabinetmaker, Grant Newby, to come up with their most eco-friendly technology to date! The answer: wood! Built using Firewire’s proven “sandwich construction” process, TechnoGrain resembles their popular Future Shapes Technology but with different materials. The top, bottom, and parabolic rails are made of Paulownia wood, which is very sustainable in wet conditions. In addition to its durability, the use of this wood and its water resistance allows Firewire to reduce the amount of fiberglass and resin, in turn, making a light, high-performance board!

For the super tech-y surfboard lovers, the exterior of all TechnoGrain boards are sealed with an Entropy bio-resin hot coat on the deck and bottom as well as a small fiberglass rail lap. The Paulownia exterior is bonded to the EPS core using a bio-resin under vacuum and a single layer of lightweight cloth is added under the top deckskin for increased compression strength.

Firewire CEO Mark Price says the most promising aspect of this technology is that a number of their team riders say its the best performing technology they offer! Now that sounds like a bitchin’ board! The launch of these boards comes in the Spitfire and Baked Potato. Release of these eco-friendly boards is in early May. Check out our online surfboard catalog for more boards! Who’s excited?!

firewire surfboard baked potato

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