Gifts for Brothers and Sisters

Shopping For Siblings

Brothers and sisters are so hard to buy for! If you don’t spend time with them, you don’t really know their style or taste so it can make present buying a time-filled task. Here are some staple gifts that any brother or sister would enjoy! If you drew their name in a $10 and under gift exchange, try Boma stud earrings ($10) for the ladies or an Element Hacky Sack ($7.50) for the guys. Stance socks have been hit with the guys ($10) and now the ladies can enjoy Stance too ($12-$20)! If your brother has enough Stance socks already, Julie Designs board socks are awesome for a lower price gift ($25-$30). If you have a “techy” sibling, get him or her an iPhone case from RVCA, Vans, or Roxy ($25-$30). Not “techy”? Billabong makes fabulous purses and bitchin’ wallets ($25-$55).

Does your bro have a soft spot for style? RVCA’s Scalleywag Pullover is perfect for impressing the ladies ($66). And dudes, you can thank her with Sanuk Fleece Chill shoes ($50-$80). They keep your feet toasty without a bulky boot feeling. Other gifts for the sis include Quiksilver Girls Snowfall Sweater ($89.50 and probably one of my favorite sweaters), Nixon Player watch ($225), and a GoPro Hero3 camera ($399.99) for all her outdoor interests! For the bro- Indo board, Arnette Witch Doctor Sunglasses with interchangeable sides ($119.95), and a South Coast Apple Bottom surfboard ($500). Ok, so the board and GoPro are for siblings who have never heard of sibling-rivalry! Remember to stop into any of our 5 locations to pick up your Ultimate Holiday Buyer’s Guide for gift suggestions for all your loved ones!

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