Jay Christensen

By Jody W. Wood

Here’s a look at one of the best young surfer’s on the South Coast team. His name is Jay Christensen and he’s already making a name for himself in the local line-up and at contests. You might see him out at the Crystal Pier, or PB Point, or Taco Surf for some post-session grinds. Check him out in this month’s issue of Surfshot magazine with the South Coast Grom Model surfboard. South Coast Windansea’s Eric “Bird” Huffman says he’s one of the hardest working up and coming young surfers that he’s seen in the last fifteen years. “He’s very dedicated to surfing and his father is really supportive of him as well. He’s got a bright future ahead of him if he keeps his head on straight,” said Bird.

What is your full name?
Jay Christenson

How old are you?
11 years old

How long have you been surfing?
Four years

What kind of board do you ride?
5’2″ South Coast thumb-tail, by Robin Prodanovich.

What is your favorite place to surf?
My favorite spots are PB Point, the Crystal Pier, and Blacks.

What is your favorite manuever?
Front-side tail-slide!

How do you feel about surfing contests?
I feel good in contests, because I know I have to go big and make it!

Who are your favorite people to surf with?
John Norris, the Ruysschaert brothers, Mackanzie & my dad, Greg.

Who has had the biggest influence on you as far as surfing goes?
My dad, “Bird”, and Johnny.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Doing every contest available and doing good in school.

Who are your sponsors?
South Coast Surf Shop, Hoodlamb Clothing, Taco Surf, FCS, and Gorilla Grip.

Anyone you’d like to say hello or thanks to?
Thanks to my dad for support and rides to all the contests, to Bird for all his wisdom & support, and to Robin Prodanovich for the sweet boards. And huge props to Sam and Cindi at Taco Surf for keeping me fat and happy. Love You Mom!

Sun Diego / Ezekiel Pro-Am Event #1 ~ 2ND Place
Sun Diego / Ezekiel Pro-Am Event #2 ~ 3RD Place
Sun Diego / Ezekiel Pro-Am Event #1 ~ 5TH & 1ST Place (Up 1 age Div.)
Sun Diego / Ezekiel Pro-Am Event #1 ~ 3RD Place
Koastal Kaos / No Fear Surf Series Event #1 ~ 3RD Place
Koastal Kaos / No Fear Surf Series Event #3 ~ 4TH Place
Koastal Kaos / No Fear Surf Series Event #4 ~ 4TH Place
NSSA EXPLORER Event #2 ~ 6TH Place
NSSA EXPLORER Event #3 ~ 10TH Place
NSSA EXPLORER Event #4 ~ 13TH Place
NSSA OPEN Event #2 ~ 13TH Place
NSSA OPEN Event #3 ~ 16TH Place
YMCA Surf Series Event #1 ~ 5TH Place
YMCA Surf Series Event #2 ~ 1ST Place
Revolt Style Surf Series Final Event ~ 1ST Place (17 yr. Under)
13TH Annual Jetty Kids Kontest ~ 3RD Place
3 Churches Fall Surf Classic ~ 2ND Place & 3RD Place (Up 1 age Div.)
WindanSea Annual Menehune Contest ~ 4Th Place in Repo.

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