Kevin Whatley

By Jody W. Wood

This month we had a little talk with team member and South Coast Windansea employee, Kevin Whatley. He’s a native San Diegan, and a local at the Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach. The day we met, in the water at the Crystal Pier, he impressed me not only with his surfing, but with his attitude and the fact that he came right up and introduced himself. Turns out, we’d spoken on the phone a few times and were both finally putting a face to the name. After watching him surf and hang out and joke around with the crowd, made up mostly of South Coast employees on this particular morning, I decided to feature him in a team rider profile. Here it goes.

Full name?
Kevin Peter Whatley

I am 18 years old.

I grew up and live in San Diego.

How long have you been surfing?
I’ve been surfing for about six years now.

Do you surf regular stance or goofy-footed?
I’m goofy-footed.

What is your favorite board of all time?
My newest 6′ rounded pin.

What is your favorite wave?
Any steep, punchy, and well-formed wave.

What do you consider your home break?
My home break is the Crystal Pier.

What was your best surf trip so far?
The best trip so far was to Puerto Escondido.

What are you career plans?
My goal is anything in the surf industry at this point.

Who are you sponsored by?
I ride for Reef, South Coast, and Sticky Bumps.

How long have you been competing?
I’ve been doing contests for two years now.

What are your best results so far?
5th overall in ISF, 3rd in the PB Summer Surf Off, 1st at 2006′-2007′ La Jolla Shores Association contest. I plan to do a lot more contests this year.

What kind of music are you into?
I listen to mostly rap and hardcore, but I also like ska and reggae.

What is your favorite surf film?
I guess Secret Machine right now because C.J. Hobgood is the best, but the new Young Guns is pretty all time as well.

Who is your favorite surfer?
C.J. Hobgood and Joel Parkinson are my favorites because they both surf the way I wish I could.

What are your influences?
I’m influenced by a lot of guys I surf with. We all share tips and styles in surfing and build off of each other.

Who would you like to thank or say hello to?
I would like to thank Bird and South Coast for helping me out so much in my surfing career, and my parents for supporting me in everything.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Graduated from college. Probably working as a sales representative for a surf company and going on sick surf trips.

Do you like surfing in the summer or winter better?
Winter is cool because most of the crowd goes away and we get better waves, but I really like summer because the water is nice and that’s when I go on all my surf trips.

How do you feel about surfing contests?
I love surfing contests. I get to hang out with a lot of cool guys, and see what impresses the judges, so that I know what to work on.

How would you describe your style or approach to surfing?
I’m more of a power surfer, and my approach to every wave is to get as much speed as possible and link as many turns as I can.

What are your hobbies outside of surfing?
Hanging out with my friends and a little skating.

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