Krochet Kids International Available at South Coast Surf Shops – Buy a hat. Change a life.

Krochet Kids International

Buy a hat. Change a life.

It seems almost too simple the story of Krochet Kids International. With such an appealing concept this company has grown in the past years to gain many more supporters than the founders thought possible. It’s a story of success that brings a warm feeling to anyone’s heart who purchases one of these hand made hats. We at South Coast are proud to now be carrying this amazing brand in our retails stores. We wanted to further help raise awareness by publishing this blog post inviting our followers to take a look into this inspiring story of a local company who is making a difference in the world.

Watch the video above or visit their website at:

On the website you will find a limited collection of hats and shirts from a collaboration with Volcom. Also be sure to check out their current PERU campaign.

Krochet Kids

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