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San Diego Chargers Quiksilver Boardshorts

South Coast Surf Shop crew showing some charger pride!

There is a slight chill in the air, leaves are rustling, the sun is setting sooner- this can only mean one thing- football season! That’s right! Get your lazy boy out, put those Doritos in a bowl and have your pizza man on speed dial because this season is looking good! And what better way to say, “I’m here for you” to your favorite sports team than rocking Quiksilver’s official team trunks? Quiksilver has the rights to all your favorite teams like (our favorite) the San Diego Chargers! This updated Charger trunk is a 22 inch 100% polyester boardshort with diamond dobby technology (less fabric touching your skin = less chance of rash or chaffing), new Neo Fly 2.0 stretch at hems, lycra at inside front rise, and custom eyelets. South Coast is proud to carry our favorite San Diego sport’s team but we also love our Kobe- take a look at the Los Angeles Lakers trunks! Same technology and features- different love! How can you not be proud to wear this 16 time NBA champion trunk? Other teams we are carrying are the 49ers, Cowboys, Patriots, and Packers! If you want to be the best, you have to wear the best, and the best is the Quiksilver Pro team trunks!
quiksilver los angeles lakers boardshorts

Los Angeles Lakers NBA Quiksilver Boardshorts

Not seeing your favorite team?? Don’t let that stop you! We are proud of our special order services and we can order any trunk you like! Love NFL? Are you a Broncos, Steelers, Giants, or Raiders fan? What about NBA? Knicks, Mavericks, Heat, or Celetics? Quiksilver makes them for the NHL too! Let us know what your favorite team is and we will be happy to help! Please email us at for all special order inquiries.

Quiksilver Lakers Boardshorts

Brand new at South Coast Surf Shops is the 2012 NBA and Quiksilver collaboration LA Lakers boardshorts! Available in two different colorways they are being put on the floor at our shops in Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach in San Diego.
These highly anticipated boardshorts have arrived:


  • 100% polyester
  • Diamond Dobby DLX, 22 inch outseam
  • Double tie with the new Neo Fly 2.0 stretch stitch at hems, lycra at inside front rise, custom eyelets and hangtag

Yellow/Gold NBA Quiksilver Lakers Boardshorts

Yellow Gold NBA Quiksilver Lakers Boardshorts

Black/Purple NBA Quiksilver Lakers Boardshorts

Black Purple NBA Quiksilver Lakers Boardshorts

South Coast Surf Shops is a Quiksilver Core Shop and that means we are your source for all limited Quiksilver gear such as the Quiksilver Los Angeles Lakers Boardshorts.




It is official! The summer months have rolled around if you have not noticed by all of the heat and sunshine. With this new found warmth that means lots of dips in the pool and visits to the beach. If you are a guy that means it is time to start shopping for boardshorts that you are going to rock to all of the summer hot spots. The best choices for bathing suit is obviously going to be some type of boardshort but the real question is what kind of color, design or style are going to get?

It can be hard to choose from all of the colors and designs that stores offer to you. Luckily for Laker fans, there are now Quiksilver NBA LA Lakers boardshorts. These boardshorts are black with yellow and purple side strip and logos. South Coast Surf Shops also has the black and purple colorway in stock. The purple and yellow are not overwhelming either so you don’t have to worry about sticking out too much. These LA Lakers boardshorts are designed to allow you to show off your team spirit for this California basketball team. If you are an LA Lakers fan it is going to feel great to able to show pride in the team that you enjoy when you are at the beach or surfing!

Quiksilver Lakers boardshorts are without a doubt the best bathing suit option for LA Lakers fans. These would even make a great gift to anyone who is a fan of this SoCal basketball team. You are going to be able to surf in these shorts because they are made with the same performance material as other high-end Quiksilver boardshorts. During the winter months when you can’t do much swimming you can still wear these during games and such since they are such a comfortable way for you to show off all of the pride you have in your favorite team.

Available in Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach at these locations:

South Coast Surf Shop OB
5037 Newport Avenue San Diego, CA 92107
(619) 223-8808

South Coast Surf Shop PB
740 Felspar St # A San Diego, CA 92109
(858) 483-7660

Quiksilver Lakers boardshorts available online soon at:
Also check out the San Diego Chargers Quiksilver boardshorts.

NBA Quiksilver Lakers Boardshorts

2011 Rip Curl Pro Search San Francisco

The 2011 Rip Curl Pro Search starts November 1st in Ocean Beach, San Francisco.

“The Rip Curl Pro Search event is always a tour stop I get super excited about. I love the idea of pitching up to a place I haven’t been before. You get to see somewhere different and meet new people. I also love the trying to adapt to waves I’ve never surfed before.”-Mick Fanning

The 2011 Rip Curl Pro Search is the only ASP event with a “floating license” on tour. The “floating license” allows Rip Curl to change locations year-to-year. This years location provides diverse conditions that will challenge the world’s best surfers. The event will take place between stairwell 20 at VFW’s north to Kelly’s Cove.

2011 Rip Curl Pro Search

Shop Rip Curl event merchandise available online or any of South Coast’s five retail locations.

The 2011 Rip Curl Pro Search San Francicso will be webcast LIVE via


Rip Curl Pro Search SF 2011

Quiksilver Chargers Boardshorts

Quiksilver Chargers Boardshorts

Quiksilver surfer and Pipeline Specialist Reef Macintosh sports his San Diego Chargers Boardshorts to show some mainland pride. This summer season Quiksilver set out to make the best pair of boardshorts sporting the logos of NFL teams. If you are a die hard Chargers guy then these shorts are for you. Available at South Coast Surf Shop in Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach coming soon to for online purchase. These boardshorts are super charged with all the quality features of quiksilver latest boardshorts.

Retro Blue Quiksilver Chargers Boardshorts

Retro Blue Quiksilver Chargers Boardshorts

  • 100% polyester
  • Diamond Dobby DLX, 22 inch outseam
  • Double tie with the new Neo Fly 2.0 stretch stitch at hems, lycra at inside front rise, custom eyelets and hangtag

Show some So Cal pride by riding the lightning in your Chargers boardies out at blacks or when your throwing back a few cold ones with the boys at your favorite tail-gate party on Sundays at Qualcomm.

Retro Blue Buy Online at South Coast

White Quiksilver Chargers Boardshorts

Quiksilver Chargers NFL BoardshortsThe first week of June 2011 marks the release of the Quiksilver Chargers Boardshorts in collaboration with the NFL and San Diego Chargers. Specialty items are always in high demand at South Coast and these new boardshorts are expected to be no exception.
White – Buy Online Here at South Coast

Quiksilver has proudly partnered with the NFL to produce this first-ever, limited edition collection of boardshorts.

For more about these boardshorts visit:

South Coast Surf Shops is a Quiksilver Core Shop which means we are your connection for all limited Quiksilver gear such as the San Diego Chargers Boardshorts.

All pro Chargers center Nick Hardwick surfs a custom South Coast surfboard.

We just added a ton of awesome new product to our GUYS section of our online store. New jackets and vests from Patagonia. Also, many new winter styles from Hurley, Billabong, Nixon, Hippy Tree, O’Neill, Rip Curl, RVCA and Quiksilver that are sure to keep you warm in the cold weather and looking good too! We also think it’s cool that O’Neill went ahead and named a new flannel after our website manager Raleigh.  Shop now with free ground shipping on orders over $50. Happy holidays!

Rip Curl Mirage Boardshorts

Rip Curl Mirage Boardshorts

South Coast Surf Shops thinks this commercial for the Rip Curl Mirage Boardshorts is totally radical. It just so happens that at the same time you are reading this you can actually purchase these shorts online right here, right now. We are really amped on having these shorts in stock and ready for the masses. Still not sold on these 2010 Rip Curl masterpieces? Well lucky for you South Coast’s own Jason has provided us with an up close look at some of the technical features of these shorts in this video. Summer is just around the point break and South Coast wants you to be ready to head to the beach in boardshorts that won’t hold you back!

The Rip Curl Mirage Boardshorts – Like Wearing NOTHING.

When it comes to tradition, South Coast Surf Shops has a long history of stylish and quality private label brand clothing.  This spring we’re giving you the another chance to jump into summer looking like a million bucks… well at least for most of us at least a 1000 big ones.  As the weather starts to turn, you should be dropping your hoodies for much more comfortable and relaxing tees.  But alas, looking in that closet all you see is plain black and white, boring, and holey tees.  How can you make an impression or turn heads when that hole in the armpit is stopping you from waving at those you pass?  Fear not, those in need of a little something called “style” can look no further than South Coast to save you from just another tee.

Whether it’s that beautiful art design or a shot of your favorite local surf break, South Coast has the goods.  This spring we have continued to give you all the classic looks with some amazing new design logos.  As the video above showed, there’s a look for just about anyone.  South Coast has always been a great place to stop in for the locals, but it also makes the perfect gift for those who want to bring home a gift that makes women cry in happiness and men bow in respect.  So maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but a South Coast tee is a pleasant surprise for those unlucky enough to not join you on your San Diego trip.  If your a local, then take part in the surf tradition that has been around for over 30 years and pick one up for yourself.

Anyone can wear a plain colored tee that says “brand-x”, but try getting out of that comfort zone and let South Coast help you dress to impress.  Summer is just around the corner and you can be the one with a fresh new tee on while that other person has to hide their holey shirt in shame.  For all your surf need stop in at one of our five South Coast locations or visit us at southcoast .com for shopping made easy and fun.

The idea of going green has recently swept the nation. Companies are pushing environmental sustainability, finding new ways to manufacture products in a way that has less impact on the environment. Going green has become a trendy way to take social action against environmental negligence. For all of you who live a “green” lifestyle, then hold the organic cotton—there are better alternatives yet! Arbor is a company that prides itself on environmental sustainability. Their full line of clothes and skateboards incorporate the use of bamboo as a substitute for cotton and wood.

Since 1999 Arbor has been producing skateboards that use bamboo in addition to sustainably sourced maple ply. Bamboo is widely known for its strength and flexibility; it is also, however, the fastest growing plant in the world, making it the perfect source because it is such a renewable material. Arbor’s incorporation of bamboo strengthens the skateboard deck and improves its durability. Their unique boards have been featured in Surfshot and Transworld Skateboarding as “must haves” because of their design, durability, and performance.

In their clothes, Arbor uses a blend of bamboo and organic cotton to maximize comfort, functionality and sustainability. Arbor’s most popular selling blend is 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. Through Arbor’s pioneering use of bamboo, they have found many of its advantages. In addition to all the environmental benefits, Bamboo is smoother, more breathable, and absorbs water better than cotton. Bamboo fabrics have better UV protection than cotton and it also will help regulate the body’s temperature whether hot or cold. Bamboo even has natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that reduce the possibility skin irritations and odor. If that weren’t enough already to make the switch to Arbor’s bamboo-based clothes, take a look at their popular design. Their products and accessories have even been featured in Outside Magazine and GQ for their brilliant sustainability and design.

From the beginning, Arbor has been dedicated to making a change. They wanted to impact the boarding culture by providing products that are environmentally sustainable—a feat they have certainly accomplished. Arbor’s superior products are an exceptional choice because of their popular design, enhanced durability and proven sustainability.

It’s almost that time to trade in your jeans and khakis for those old reliable board shorts that have been hibernating at the bottom of your closet. Oh, you forgot that the last pair was lost in Mexico and your backup trunks have a hole that would make any Brazilian bikini model blush. Time to invest in a new trunk that looks good as well as gives you ultimate performance. Unfortunately with today’s economy, reaching into your wallet to buy new board shorts isn’t always feasible. South Coast Surf Shops has the answer to ease those financial woes. The new spring/summer line of South Coast board shorts are in!

South Coast has long been known for it’s private label brand of clothing.  Whether it be tees, polos, or board shorts, you know that your getting a quality South Coast product at a reasonable price.  This year is no different except for the vast number of styles in board shorts we’re offering.  “Amazing, one of a kind, innovative, and stylish”, these are just a few of the reviews we’ve received from the major clothing critics.  OK, maybe I’m lying about those comments, but our board short line this year has some really great styles and performance oriented features.

One of the great new features of our board shorts is the 4-way stretch material.  This allows for better movement in your surfing and higher performance than most traditional trunks.  South Coast board shorts also offer multiple styles and colors so that your not handcuffed to just one look.  Are you a fan of the classic old school look?  Or maybe you want a trunk that will make the girls go “hey”.  Whatever your taste we offer a little bit for every surfer or summer lover.  Personally, I live in my board shorts during the summer and want a variety of looks and material for all aspects of my beach life.  With this summer line it will be difficult not to find something just for you. 

Don’t sacrifice your hard earned dollars for just any pair of name brand trunks.  South Coast board shorts offers you the quality and style expected from a major company without the high price usually associated with them.  Stop in at one of our five South Coast Surf shop locations, or shop online at South for all your summer surf needs. 

Bulky, plain, and just uncomfortable are a few adjectives that described the board shorts of the past. No longer is that an issue with the new and improved O’Neill Hyperfreak board shorts.  The hottest board shorts to hit the market in years.  With O’Neill’s new technology, they have developed a short that is lighter and more comfortable than any other on the market.

The Hyperfreak is one of the few shorts out that literally feel as if you are surfing in the nude.  Remember that nightmare where you show up to school with only your undies on?  Well, when your wearing the Hyperfreak, it feels as if that dream just came to reality and that’s not a bad thing.  The Hyperfreak features some of the newest board short technology to the industry.

With the Hyperstretch fabric your given ultimate flexability.  This is crucial when making sure your surfing isn’t hindered by the lack of movement that traditional shorts give.  Now you can pump down the line faster and snap that board without having your legs held back from the full range of motion.  Comfort is now one of the most important design features when selecting a pair of shorts.  With the Hyperfreak as mentioned before, you will be amazed at how light and free moving they are.  Superfly 2.0, flat stitching, and non-stretch waistbands are just a few recent additions that make the Hyperfreak a step ahead of other shorts.  The Superfly 2.0 allows for less bulkiness in the fly.  Flat stitching takes away the seam that is usually felt while surfing.  This is important to prevent rashing that you might normally face, allowing for longer surf sessions.  The non-stretch waist band assures that your trunks will stay on in epic surf.  Since the material is so light weight it also dries quicker so that you can go out for that evening surf session or just toss them on and grab a post surf meal.  Hot colors and different styles assure you that no matter you will stand out in the line-up or just walking around town.

I can honestly say in my opinion that these are one of the best board shorts to come out in years.  O’Neill has made the Hyperfreak with the surfer in mind and has left nothing to be desired.  Pick up a pair and you will see just how light weight and comfortable they are.  Whether you want to extend your surfing time or simply have a relaxing short to laze around in, then the Hyperfreak really is for you.  Stop in at South Coast surf shops and try a pair on for yourself.  You never feel more “freaky” in your life!