Musicians: The Blackout Party

By Jody W. Wood

South Coast Surf Shop graphic artist, Tim Lowman, aka “T!LO”, plays slide guitar, power flute, and snare drum in one of the hottest young bands in the San Diego music scene, The Blackout Party. Tim’s work for South Coast is as varied as his role in his band. He handles logo design, magazine ads, as well as developing art for South Coast’s own private clothing line.

The Blackout Party started out about a year ago, and have quickly grown into one of the area’s most unique bands. They blend country, grunge, psychedelic rock, folk, and punk to form a sound all their own. Often compared to Neil Young, My Morning Jacket, and the Allman Brothers, the boys in the band don’t mind hearing it, as each of those acts has had some influence on them.

The Blackout Party quickly stepped into a weekly slot at the bar inside the House of Blues in downtown San Diego, as well as a monthly gig at O’Connell’s Pub, while unleashing their boozy, whiskey-soaked songs about pirates, lost love, and drinking on very accepting crowds. The band’s name comes from some of the first jam sessions when frontman Brian Holwerda realized that even if the power went out, they could still party on through the night with their old-timey front porch picking.

Traveling up the coast to San Francisco earlier this year, only to head out to Tennessee to do a week’s worth of shows in Nashville and Memphis, the Blackout Party has dialed in their stage presence, while keeping their shows loose and full of energy. They’ve played at the Casbah, Winston’s, ‘Canes, The Beauty Bar, and a number of other spots around town, and continue to add to the list.

The Blackout Party is made up of Daniel Crawford on lap-steel, Chad Farran (Superunloader) on drums, Brandon Walters (Greg Laswell) on harmonium, Ray Suen (Carson Daily’s house band) on fiddle, Brian Holwerda on guitar and vocals, with Tim Lowman on slide guitar/flute, Andrew Bernhardt (Swedish Models) on keys, and Matt Gorney on bass.

The guys are really thankful to their friends and fans who have really been supportive of them and they are some of the coolest, most down to earth guys to hang out with. Check out their sound at myspace and make a point to catch them live.

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