Changing Local Music for the Better

By Robb Bailey

Remember back in the day when you had to get up to change the channel on the television? When the internet was just some crazy thing that computer geeks and college students were talking about? When you actually had to walk into the bank to do banking?

Technology is moving fast.

If you’re a fan of local music, and are tired of chasing your favorite bands around town, you’ll be stoked to know that a new music channel brings your favorite bands’ live performances straight to you. One of the newest innovations in the San Diego music scene features local musicians online, in the form of a music video channel. is an original TV program of local bands that range from Diego Roots to Vegitation to Michael Tiernan. The first season of Music Scout started in January of 2007 and was known as San Diego Music Scout. Jason Knill, the creator of, wanted to open the project to a wider audience for season two. He thought the project would have a better shot with different artists.

Knill, a transplant from the Chicago area, initially moved to San Diego in 2005 to learn how to surf. He holds down a day job as a media buyer with a reputable company while he pursues his passions online in his spare time.

The second season of the program launched as, and recorded programs with artists from San Francisco, Long Beach, and other areas. Of course, the viewing audience is a global one since the channel is hosted online. Anyone with an internet connection can watch, without interruption, for free.

“We just recorded our 43rd show this week,” Knill explained. With 15,000 to 20,000 visitors every month, the show is growing. You can even find the program as a video podcast on iTunes for easy download to your iPod or computer. Yes, it’s free. Yes, the quality is excellent. Try to resist addiction.

To make so many episodes, Knill has created relationships with two of the bigger venues in San Diego, The Belly-Up Tavern and The Malloy Gallery. This has helped him create quality video recordings for the artists, and has helped artists promote their music to the world.

“We want this project to be about the artist’s benefit,” said Knill.

Modeling his business after the best media distribution channel out there (the TV), Knill understands what makes his project tick.

“The internet needs to provide people with tools,” as he navigates to another project of his in the works. “Artists are using their (Music Scout) episodes as electronic press kit opportunities.”

With the ultimate goal of creating a one-stop shop for musicians, Knill says the project hasn’t even begun to resemble the final product. His to-do list includes creating a virtual booking agent to help bands find gigs, a retail point of service system to sell band merch, and a directory for musicians on the road so they can easily tap into everything they need. Don’t forget about the video exposure to fans, of course.

“For musicians, anyone with a little money and some talent can now do the same as the big boys are doing,” he explains.

Exposure doesn’t have to just come through the TV set anymore. Knill says his new feature-filled product launch will come in the summertime.

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