O’Neill Wetsuits Advances into Psycho 3 Wetsuit

O'Neill Psycho 3 Wetsuit

All New O’Neill Psycho 3 with Technobutter Neoprene

O’Neill has been popular with their ever-evolving Psycho wetsuit collection and for Fall 2012 they have debuted Psycho III. When O’Neill first came out with the Psycho II, flexibility, stretch, and fit was the focus. Nothing has changed- just evolved! Here are the new features to O’Neill’s Psycho III:

*Technobutter Neoprene is an super stretch neoprene that is 17% lighter and has 30% less water absorption. Its the most advanced super stretch material on the market.
*Double Superseam Weld is a slimmer (60% thinner and lighter) silicon-based urathane seal with double weld (top and bottom) and the triple glue to keep water out at all costs.
*New Super Seal Cuff is O’Neill’s best cuff ever for all around protection- stop water where it would enter first!
*Patented Zen Zip Entry with Drain Hole is a barrier system in the collar. If water tries to get through the Zen Zip collar, it is blocked by a barrier and forced out with drain hole.
All technical features on the O’Neill Psycho III include:
* Firewall Insulation
* Double Superseal Neck
* Drain Hole
* Ultra Flex XDS
* Barrier 2
* Lumbar Seamless Design
* External Key Pocket
* Zen Zip Closure
* Krypto Knee Padz
* XDS Air Firewall
* Superseal Cuffs
* Minimal Seam Design
* Superseam
* Technobutter

So which wetsuit is better? The O’Neill Psycho I, II, or III? You be the judge…Available at South Coast OB and South Coast PB.

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