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Smith Optics + Salty Crew

This is a partnership we didn’t know we needed! “Where high-adrenaline fishing meets progressive surfing culture.” The collaboration was organized by world champion surfer, and long time Smith athlete, CJ Hobgood. Created for those who are happiest on the water, the new ChromaPop Blue mirror lens is offered in 3 Lowdown models. Available now, at both South Coast locations.


Image and Info courtesy of Smith Optics

Board of the Month-The Sci-Fi from Firewire

What do you get when one of the best shapers gets together with one of the best surfers? A new design that is out of this world! The Sci-Fi is one of three boards that falls under the Slater Designs category. Read more about this Tomo + Slater collab below.

PC: Kevin Fuertes

The Sci-Fi is a mash up of classic curves and modern rocker served with a Futuristic twist of fluid dynamic principles likely found in the design archives of Bruce Wayne. Expect seemingly unnatural acceleration, instantaneous response and an all around level performance that can only be described as Electric. The Sci-Fi is a high performance all-rounder with impressive range (1-8ft ) with usability for intermediate to advanced surfers. 5-fin Option.

INFO: Straight from

New Brand Alert: Cuater Belts

In late Spring, we were introduced to Cuater.  A new belt company with a small, but cool first offering!  The brand focused on three styles.  Two are classic, Leather and Stretch.  The third style was fresh and we were excited to see more!  The Graphic belt!  This belt is made, in part, of paper.  Yes, paper!  Here is what Cuater has to say about them: “Our Graphic belts are constructed with a unique fabrication, and stitched onto a sturdy backing. It’s amazing how strong these belts are, while still holding the properties of being thin, lightweight, and weather proof. Plus, the more you wear it, the better it will look!” All three styles offer something unique.  The Stretch belts don’t feature pre-selected notches, so if you have a big lunch…and a beer or two, no problem, just re-adjust!  The Leather belt is where you get more bang for your buck!  They are reversible, black is paired with brown and gray with blue.  We are stoked to be working with this young brand and look forward to seeing what they come up with next!

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