June 20th, 2014 is International Surfing Day! Duck Dive in Pacific Beach, along with various other vendors, has put together a day of fun! Meet at the end of Emerald St at 9:30 to sign up. The day kicks off with a beach clean-up and ends with happy hour!

international surfing day

Get out there and enjoy the day! Yewwwwwww!

This May saw the launch of the newest venture in the South Coast family! South Coast Surf founder, Rob Ard, launched his new website:


This new site catalogs all of the info one might need to know about South Coast surfboards. From surfboard styles and board shaper history to a gallery of team riders and contact info, it’s all there!

South Coast Surfboards USA

The term organic gets thrown around a lot these days. Natural ingredients aren’t always what they seem. Once we realized we could pronounce all of the product ingredients, we knew it was the real deal! We think Raw Elements is the bees knees. Read their mission statement below and cruise by either South Coast location to try it out!

“Raw Elements Physical Protection Sunscreen was developed by Brian Guadagno, a 17 year Ocean Rescue Lifeguard, we are committed preventing Skin Cancer by delivering the safest, most effective sunscreen in the world.

Our sunscreen is gentle enough for use in infant care yet meets all the performance demands of the most extreme athletes. This is all delivered in an eco-safe, reef-safe, all natural formula. Raw Elements is the conscious consumer’s answer to safe, serious sun protection.”


Back in March our team rider, Jonah Pierce, starting riding South Coast boards.  After meeting with our shaper, Dan, two boards were custom made for Jonah, based on what he was looking for.  In the blog post below, read what Jonah had to say about the new South Coast surfboards!

On Wednesday I surfed my new South Coast epoxy surf board, that was modeled after the Dane Reynolds’s Channel Island #4. This board was extremely fast through any section and was really good on a rail but still had a great release. This was my first time surfing an epoxy board. It was super light and buoyant. This made it excel in small waves because it wouldn’t sink and lose speed. This board has a double bump in the tail which is also why it has such speed. The double bump keeps the rail straighter then your standard rails which allows for more drive and forward projection. This board is a perfect groveler board for ankle to chest high waves and I highly recommend getting one from South Coast Surf Shop.

Today was a stormy day so I decided to head up to La Jolla with my second board which is a standard epoxy short board with a rounded squash tail. When I arrived at Scripps it was 6ft to 8ft with the ovational 10ft waves. On the smaller waves it was really ripable and super fun. The bigger waves were doubling up on the sand bars and making massive barrel that reminded me of my trip to Hawaii last year surfing at Pipe Line but not as warm. This was my first time riding this South Coast surf board and it handled the barrels and speed really well but I could still release the tail when I wanted to. The whole session there were random big sets that would come through and would hit the sand bar perfect giving it a perfect shoulder. These waves looked like back door Pipe Line.   Eventually I got lucky enough to be in the perfect spot for one of these waves.  As I was paddling I could see the wave sucking up on the sand and I stood, grabbed my rail and pulled into the barrel. As I pulled into the barrel I just saw a huge blue wall going over my head, and sound just stops. Then, I see this huge open hole in front of me that continued to get smaller and smaller. The wave just wouldn’t stop going, but the section was to big to make and eventually ate me alive. The barrel was probably the longest and biggest closeout barrel of my life and it was super fun. Thanks for reading, I’ll have another post up some time next month.

- Jonah Pierce

Jonah March Blog

 Surf Photos taken by George Barnes

Salty Crew is a San Diego based brand that is quickly gaining attention from coast to coast!  The goal is to focus on the basics and get back to a time when surfing, fishing, diving and sailing was top priority!

The “About Us” statement on the Salty Crew website so perfectly sums up what they are about, we thought it would be best to share it in it’s entirety.



Teeki: Cleaning Up the Planet

by Mandie on March 25, 2014

Teeki Yoga Pants

South Coast Wahines Newest Member: Teeki

What do you get when you combine a fashionable, comfortable yoga pant with plastic bottles that pollute our earth? You get Teeki: a sustainable company dedicated to saving the environment and make products you love! Teeki is a California based company that believes humans and nature can coexist in perfect harmony. In doing this, it is our duty to recycle and keep our earth clean! Did you know it takes 400 years for mother earth to naturally breakdown plastic bottles? By recycling, we can help prevent pollution and cut down landfills [click to continue…]

We are excited to hear about what Jonah has been up to recently! Please check out his guest blog below!

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz

The past two weekends I had a Surfing America Prime event at Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz and a Volcom event at Pismo Beach. The waves in Santa Cruz were big; big wave surfer Peter Mel was actually out there as water patrol surfing 15 foot waves on a 9’6 gun at the middle peak. the water was really cold, but i was warm in my 5:4:3 hooded Cypher wetsuit and neo-goo booties from Quiksilver. To get out into the water I had to jump off a rock about six feet high and there were eight foot waves breaking on it, with non-stop set waves coming through. I had a board that was too small and was really slidey, but luckily I still got 9th in the Prime event. For the Pismo contest the waves were really walled and it was super hard to pick a good one, so unfortunately I lost in the semi- finals. Although I lost earlier than I wanted, I still had a great time at the event hanging out with my friends from there, and getting to see Nate Tyler! Hopefully I will do better next time in the Prime event at Upper Trestles next month.


Jonah Pierce


BLACK FRIDAY Sample Sale!!

by Kimberly Lamb on November 27, 2013

No one likes the hassle of going to the mall on Black Friday! Stop by South Coast Pacific Beach on Friday to take advantage of the best deals in town! RVCA, Nixon, Von Zipper and Quiksilver will be selling samples from 8am-12pm! Don’t miss out! Cash only!



Firewire Demo

Firewire Demo

This Saturday, October 26th from 8am-12pm, we are having a Firewire Surfboard Demo Day! Join us at South Coast in Pacific Beach to try out the latest that Firewire has to offer!

Happy Anniversary Jungle Java

Congratulations to Jungle Java on 20 years of great service and delicious coffee! Whether you need a quick pick me up or want to relax with the paper over a cup of joe, Jungle Java welcomes the community with open arms. Next time you visit South Coast Wahines in Ocean Beach, be sure to stop into Jungle Java to say hi!