Rip Curl SearchGPS: Changing the way you do things!

The Search- Rip Curl’s GPS Watch


Rip Curl’s latest GPS watch has just made its way to South Coast. This is no ordinary watch-it allows you to track every wave, your speed, your total distance, and the length of your session. The watch has 10 hours of GPS battery life and 6 months of day-to-day use. The GPS has over 1,360 locations and will even let you know the best time to get in the water.
When you’re out of the water, sync the watch to the app to keep a logbook of all your activity. The app is available for iPhones or any web browser. All your surfs will be kept safely in the cloud, accessible at any time. Create groups to follow your friends. Follow pro surfers and see how you match up. No matter what, Rip Curl’s GPS watch will take your surfing to the next level.


Photo Credit: Rip Curl


Give Forward: Helping One of Our Own

Last Sunday, October 12th, Katie Connor was struck while riding her bike by a hit-and-run driver. This hit close to home as Katie is one of our Wahines. The accident left Katie with serious head trauma. There have been signs of recovery, but there is still a long road ahead. A donation website has been set up to aid her family.  Donations will go to all current and future medical expenses, ie: hospital stay, therapy, etc.  Any help is appreciated!

Click her to read her full story and donate


Attractive Distractions

“Attractive Distractions” is premiering Wednesday night, October 8th, at the Wavehouse in Mission Beach! There will be giveaways, autograph signings and an after party at Duck Dive! The video will be showing again the next night, Thursday October 9th, at the legendary La Paloma in Encinitas!


The video is a Take Shelter Production featuring Clay Marzo, John John Florence, Chippa Wilson and Kai Barger to name a few. Don’t miss out on a good time! The video will be showing at 7:30pm at Wavehouse and has two showing at La Paloma, 7pm and 9:30pm!

Checking in with Jonah Pierce

Our South Coast team rider, Jonah Pierce, sent over a quick update about what he’s been up to the past few weeks.

jonah wave shot

“Hello everyone,
The last couple weeks have been really fun in California. The hurricane Marie swell produced some really good overhead barrels just about every where in San Diego. I surfed a secret spot where it was about 6-8 foot hucking barrels on every wave, but it’s secret so I can’t really say anymore hahaha. I’m also excited about the next swell we’re getting from off of New Zealand. The place to be will probably be blacks because it’s got a bit more west in it, so it could be producing some big barrels. If you are looking for any step-up boards, South Coast has some really good ones in the OB store or you can get one custom for a reasonable price. I will probably post another blog again next month because the contest season is starting back up.
See you in the water,
Jonah Pierce”