Surfboard Bag

Nearly all dings and cracks to your surfboards likely happen in transport, especially if your the type that throws a bare board in the back of your pickup truck. Protect your investment and save money on repairs by using a surfboard bag! Whether your heading down Voltaire street to sneak a barrel in OB or your planning a trip to Indo, South Coast has your board bag needs covered.

Day Trip Surfboard Bag:

When a quick coastal day trip is in order, the day bag has you covered. Coming in at a more affordable price than the world travel bags, day bags offer around 3-6mm of foam padding and sometimes a reflective side to keep your board from cooking in the sun and melting all your wax (hint: Don’t leave your boards cooking in the sun). Most day bags come in either single or double board capacities and are very lightweight and easy to fold up and stuff in the truck while you rip it up at that secret point break just south of the border. Padded adjustable shoulder straps are standard and a definite must for long hikes. Day bags are a needed step up from the board sock for everyday surf trips to your local break, as the added protection will keep unnecessary dings at bay and your rip stick in prime working order!
Dakine Surfboard Bag

World Travel Surfboard Bag:

When it comes to packing your precious boards away to hand over to the airline luggage destroyers, you have to have ample padding and rugged construction. A good world travel surfboard bag will have at least 10mm padding and some extra bulk in the nose and tail. Many of the larger “coffin” type bags that carry 3 or more boards will also come with padded dividers and internal tie downs so everything stays exactly the way you put it when you arrive at your tropical destination. For the minimalists out there, single board travel bags are available, but chances are you’ll hit a point in your trip when you wish you had extra boards when your single stick snaps on a reef or a possessive local. One of the greatest options available on the world travel bags is the rollerblade wheels making for super easy transport around the airport. Combine this with upgraded padded adjustable straps and you have one super mobile, ultra protective board traveling machine. (hint: A wheelie travel surfboard bag tends to be more reinforced in the tail section to support the rolling feature, offering your boards a much greater level of tail protection)
FCS Surfboard Bag

Built on the platform of Mick’s go-to Ultimate Titanium Oceansearch,  this limited edition timepiece features the champion’s signature engraved in the individually numbered caseback, and is finished in stealth black titanium carbide plating. Custom black packaging showcases the product and includes a commemorative booklet chronicling Mick’s historical achievements in the world of surfing.

Strictly limited in production to 100 pieces for US distribution and 777 worldwide, the Fanning Ultimate Oceansearch is sure to become an instant prized possession to those in the know. Distribution of this remarkable tide watch will be extended to only 35 of our finest watch dealers, and we’re pleased to announce that you are on that list. Rip Curl thanks you for your loyalty and support.

Technical Features:

  • Programmed Tide System – Tide data for 200 surf beaches world wide through 2022
  • Automatic Tide System – RipCurl’s tide averaging system settable to 1000’s of beaches world wide.
  • Future tide prediction, RipCurl’s patented tide prediction system for comprehensive tide forecasting.
  • Digital Compass – a world first for a tide watch uses advanced Japanese digital technology with one degree accuracy to take you on the Search for perfect waves.
  • Dual time with 2nd tide spot storage.
  • Stop watch, Countdown Timer, 2 alarms, Full screen backlight
  • IP Plated Surgical grade Titanium case – with an extreme strength-to-weight ratio, Titanium is the very best material for use in a marine environment.
  • Individually Depth Tested to 200M.
  • Five Year warranty.


Sanuk Yoga Mat Sandals

by Grace on July 1, 2010

Sanuk Yoga Mat Sandals

Sanuk Yoga Mat Sandals

Ever get tired of going to Yoga class every week? Well Sanuk has created the Yoga Mat Sandal which is like doing yoga without really doing it. These sandals are the most comfortable sandals we have ever worn; we tried them on and didn’t want to take them off. Sanuk Yoga Mat Sandals come in many different colors to meet your different tastes. Just wanted to clue everyone in on these comfort masterpieces that everyone in the retail shops is getting so excited over. Available in men’s and women’s styles so grab a pair for you and a friend. Available in-store or shop online and get these in the mail and at your doorstep.

Who said you can’t get a workout in sandals?

Sanuk Yoga Mat Sandals

Sanuk Yoga Mat Sandals

Sanuk Yoga Mat Sandals

Nixon Headphones Will Blow Your Mind!

Nixon HeadphonesNixon HeadphonesNixon Headphones

When you think of Nixon most likely you think of their edgy and quality driven watches. They have made their mark on the surf industry for years and continue to launch new and exciting watch designs for all occasions. What you may not know is that Nixon has recently ventured into the headphone market. Taking the technology they have applied to their wrist wear and modifying it for your listening pleasure. South Coast Surf Shops is one of the few proud vendors in the San Diego area to currently carry Nixon headphones. I took a test drive of some of the popular Nixon Headphones we carry to compare just how well they hold up to other brands.

Coming into this assignment of trying out the Nixon Headphones brand I was a bit skeptical. I have always been a fanatic of the brand that rhymes with rose. Most would figure it to be a daunting test for Nixon to match up with some of the more elite classes of headphones. What I found was actually surprising, and a good sign of things to come for Nixon. I tried out three of the styles of headphones we carry at South Coast currently. In no particular order, the Nomadic, the Trooper, and lastly the Whip.

Using my trusty famous Mac player I strapped in for the test. The Whip was the first headphone I tried out. At first glance it doesn’t scream quality, but I was surprisingly wrong. The sound came out crisp and I was able to adjust the sound level to an almost unbearable scream. The design is light weight making it perfect for the running enthusiasts. A variety of eye catching colors made them stand out just enough, and the price was competitive based on industry standards. My only complaint was the somewhat uncomfortable design. Not exactly what your looking for in that cross country commute. Overall, a perfect fit for those looking for a inexpensive headphone with a kick in sound.

The next two test subject were the Nomadic and the Trooper. Both larger than the previously mentioned Whip, but not too bulky. As sound quality goes, these two models really hit the mark. Compared to some of the past headphones I have owned, I could definitely hear the difference in quality. A really crisp sound allowed for my songs to pop. An adjustable ear volume control system was efficient and quality driven. The Nomadic style had foam padding on the ear and I was not thrilled at first to put them on. It seemed a bit cheap for a higher end model. I was definitely proven wrong. The foam was comfortable and would be great for extended usage. Overall, both of these headphones were a pleasant surprise in the mid to upper price range. Check out South Coast’s web-page for a more detailed description of each of these headphones features.

Change is often a difficult concept when it comes to technology you are comfortable with. Most times we will just roll with whatever next year’s model is for the same company. I have been a fan of certain headphone brands and had a bit of a hesitant pause to change to Nixon. After trying out their new models I left impressed with sound quality and looking forward to what comfort upgrades they will make in the near future. If your looking to branch out to a new headphone, try out Nixon’s new styles. For all your Nixon and other surf needs, stop in at one of South Coast Surf Shops five locations, or visit us online.

Nixon Headphones Will Blow Your Mind!

Are you ready to make a difference in the easiest way possible?  You don’t need to lift a finger or even leave the country.  Soon enough you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home.  Now that I’ve been vague enough, I’ll let you in on the secret.  Tom’s Footwear has finally arrived at our South Coast stores!  So what does this have to do with making a difference?  The answer is easy.  Tom’s is a world brand name that is known for their charitable nature.  Not only are Tom’s fashionable and comfy, but they donate one pair of their shoes when you purchase one to needy children around the world.

It is extremely rare for companies to be socially concious in the grasp for what you can get, economy of the present.   Some companies are generous enough to donate to charities at the end of the year (just in time for tax season), but seem to be more interested in the publicity that follows.  Tom’s is unique in this respect.  Blake Mycoskie started Tom’s with one dream in mind, put shoes on as many less fortunate children as possible.  To date they have given away over 150,000 pairs of shoes.  A remarkable number for a company in business less than 5 years.  I could give you all the details about the charitable nature of Tom’s, but their website will do it better justice.   I find it quite refreshing in such ugly days of business to see a company strive for more then just the bottom line.  Fortunately, Tom’s footwear is anything but ugly.

Most companies will stick to a formula for footwear or clothing and just modify as competiton has the latest and greatest.  Tom’s doesn’t fall into this trap.  Taking a sneak peek at our most recent shipment, I could tell their style was not a clone.  At first I believed them to be shoes for ninjas looking for a quiet shoe to sneak up to their enemy in.   After a while they started to ware on me, and I started to become more of a fan after I heard their back story.   Comfort was never an issue as I slipped into my first pair.  Bye, Bye, bulky sneakers and hello ninja kicks.  The materials they put into the product are very light and allow for ample movement.   Arch and heel support are features found on most Tom’s.  Only one more reason to slip you tootsies into a pair today.

One for One is Tom’s mission statement, and with how much they have helped in the past few years it is an appropriate slogan.  The great thing about working in the surf industry is that occasionally you run across some inspirational companies trying to make our world better.  Tom’s isn’t the only business helping one pair at a time, but they set up a model I hope others will follow.  Check out their site to learn more or go to one of South Coast Surf shops 5 locations and see them for yourself.

A Fly in the Champagne Review


A Fly In the Champagne is a sports caster’s tale of the fierce rivalry between Andy Irons and Kelly Slater.  This movie begins with how these two Titans built up their professional hype.  It shows their junior contests and first bits of 16mm film as groms at their local breaks. Not long after this brief back-story they dive right into magazine covers and video of these two battling on tour from 2001 until now. You’ll see some classic heats like the title deciding heat at Pipe, Slaters perfect heat at Chopes, Andy’s explosive retaliation in Japan and many other gems. During all these flashback videos, Kelly and Andy give play by plays of what was going on in their respective noggins with each turn, barrel, and persona defining heat to give us all more insight on how their rivalry became so infamous.

The footage is good but the commentary is the catalyst of the film. The video switches focus to the modern day situation between the two and how these rivals finally want to get everything out in the open air with one another, (literally, the airs they do are massive). This isn’t a Dr. Phil therapy session. This is Billabong’s rebel leader and Quiksilver’s golden child communicating the best way they know how. What do you do when you’re two of the best wave riding athletes on the planet trying to discuss your feelings? You change the median, drop the words and speak with your rail. You let those deep barrels carry your voice, punctuate with your smoothest tube stance, enunciate with your fins above the lip while the other guy watches the tears mist the horizon from the hole you just ripped in the wave’s face. That’s how surfing’s A.S.P. title holders speak. Their skills caught on video truly emphasizes their superiority among world champions, so its to no surprise they had such an iconic clash.

When the A Fly in the Champagne wraps up you’ll be fired up to harass one of your buddies to go surf. It worked for Irons and Slater, no reason it can’t work for the rest of us. This film leaves you with a rush, an itching desire to achieve greatness. A greatness as simple as getting barreled in front of a friend or knocking out your older brother in round one of a contest. The soundtrack is composed very well to keep the tempo of the story. You’ve got a mix of rock, alternative, and gladiator battle music to get you stoked as well as some more mellow tunes to let you reflect on your own moments of battle in the water. It’s not all Andy and Kelly, you’ll see some familiar faces such as Shane Dorian, Ross Williams, Borg, Potter and a few others adding their own perspectives. This video is rightfully depicted as an epic war that has progressed to a peaceful end. It’s an hour long documentary every surfer should own, a classic representation of what it means to be an athlete. Yes, we surfers have earned our passage as athletes.  Any who care to debate that I’ll refer to the video for my answer.

A Fly in the Champagne Review