Connoisseur’s Wetsuit Guide – Best Suits from Top Brands

by Dan on November 1, 2010

Connoisseur’s Wetsuit Guide

If your one that is dissatisfied with the ‘next best thing’, always looking for that new tech feature or the best new waterproof coating, keep reading this wetsuit guide. South Coast presents the 2010 all-star team of wetsuits. From Patagonia’s new ‘green’ suits, to Quiksilver’s latest offerings, these suits are the best of the best. Whether your a self-proclaimed connoisseur or just looking for an upgrade from last years suit, this wetsuit guide is for you!

• Billabong’s SG5 (SG X)- billabong wetsuit guideThe Billabong SGX is the primo cut of Billabong’s 2010/2011 wetsuit series. On the plate this year is ‘large cell structure’ waterproof neoprene meaning less density overall and the lightest possible overall wetsuit. The SGX maintains warmth with the help of the ‘Water-Repellant Yarn’ construction making water bead up and roll off. The C2 Chest-Zip system combined with Internal Seam Weld keeps the warmth on the inside while fighting off the feared flush. This suit is in a league of its own.

Patagonia R2/R3- patagonia wetsuit guidePerhaps the greenest suit around is Patagonia’s R series, a product from a company well-renowned for their conservation efforts around the world. But that’s just the side note. This suit is tech beyond measure. The most innovative feature perhaps being the Merino Wool Lining. This interior lining borrows from what fisherman, sailors, and divers have turned to for years to stay warm on the ocean: Wool! The added warmth of the Merino Wool lining allows for significantly less neoprene, making an overall lighter, more flexible suit at any water temperature. Nitrogen cell structure neoprene adds to the lightness factor, putting the Patagonia R series at the top of the list for the most technologically advanced wetsuit known to man. You have to try one on to do it justice!

• Xcel Infiniti DRYLOCK- xcel wetsuit guideCome to the stage- THE ORIGINAL chest-zip fullsuit, the Infiniti from Xcel. The most recent high-tech offering from Xcel is the Infiniti DRYLOCK , taking the original chest-zip system to another level with the dual barrier DRYLOCK chest zip: Air-Chambered Airprene layered over a Thermo-Bamboo heat retaining lining achieving full waterproofness.  New to the scene is Xcel’s WRF- Water-Repellant Fiber exterior integrated throughout a UltraStretch UltraSoft neoprene suit held together with proven Fusion Seam technology. The combination of DRYLOCK front-zip, DRYLOCK wrist seals, geometric ankle seals, Fusion Seams, and the WRF exterior guarantee the ultimate combo in dryness. Check it out.

O’Neill Psycho II (& RG8 series)- o'neill wetsuit guideThe Psycho II is the image of continually evolving performance and quality from the world’s original wetsuit company. Incorporating O’Neill’s claim to fame, the Double Fluid Seam Weld, the Psycho II is a top performer in the seam department. New for Fall 2010 the SL XDS Air-Firewall in the chest and back provides extra warmth with less overall weight, leading the lightweight trend in the wetsuit industry. The warmer the materials used, the less material that’s needed. This is why O’Neill’s new SL XDS Air-Firewall material is revolutionizing the wetsuit.

RG8-o'neill wetsuit guide It wouldn’t be right to talk about the evolution of the wetsuit without including O’Neill’s all new RG8 series. RG8, or ‘Regenerate’ is the green movement in O’Neill’s wetsuit manufacturing process, making not just the RG8, but the whole O’Neill factory green and efficient. The RG8 series is constructed of scrap materials from the wetsuit paneling process around the O’Neill factory, so that materials are conserved and the RG8′s construction process has access to all the latest and greatest neoprene technologies. Incorporating a diagonal chest-zip F.U.Z.E. closure system, and Psycho series tech features, the RG8 is proof that years of recycling research are beginning to pay off!

Quiksilver Cypher DS- Quiksilver introduces their own rendition of the low-density neoprene technology with Air-Chamber Panels. Used along the back of the Cypher DS, Air-Chambered technology provides, you guessed it, low weight and extreme warmth! Add the Fiber-Lite neoprene construction and the Cypher DS is one lightweight performer. The Hydrolock dry chest-zip entry system incorporated into the Cypher DS will keep you dry and allow on/off in super hero telephone booth speeds. DST (Dual Seal Treatment) ensures waterproofness along with Quicksilver’s exclusive Bead-lock ankle, wrist and shoulder seals.

• Rip Curl F-Bomb Chest Zip- Fully maximized flex zones is the name of the game. The 2010 F-Bomb chest-zip from Rip Curl uses pre-bent contoured flex zones, stitchless underarms, and 100% E3 Ultralight neoprene to produce a fierce competitor to the stretchy, lightweight wetsuit craze. The F-Bomb is more of a second skin than a wetsuit, so beware you might forget its on! Double Aquaban liquid tape and Fireskin lining offers up absolute warmth to go with that absolute flexibility. The ultimate combo of wetsuit technologies packed into the most lightweight package available, what more could you ask for!

Connoisseur’s Wetsuit Guide

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Connoisseur’s Wetsuit Guide

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