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Quiksilver and Rip Curl Trunks Under $50

With this day and age, everything can be technical- including boardshorts- and unfortunately, those come at a hefty price for all the bells and whistles. What if you’re looking for straight up trunks?! Here are some trunks for Quiksilver and Rip Curl that are all under $50 and available at both our South Coast locations!

O'Neill Pabst Blue Ribbon

Two amazing brands with only one thing in mind: Beer

This Spring, O’Neill released their Pabst Blue Ribbon Collection which covers tees, tanks, trunks, sandals, hats, and coolers- everything you need for an unforgettable summer! Check out the goods below [click to continue…]

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Guys fashion is just as important as the ladies! Here are 7 trends we are seeing this spring:

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South Coast Tease

by Mandie on July 12, 2012

A typical day in the office.

The selection of new South Coast Surf Shop Tees available this season. Pabst. Rat Rod. Surf Reaper. Board Blueprint. Original Tee and Cali Flag.

Come get your $#!+!

SUPER brand Apparel believes that the kids are alright

SUPER brand Apparel
SUPER brand apparelSouth Coast got a chance to meet up with the fine people at SUPER brand during the Agenda trade show last week. They’ve got us really excited about the new apparel line coming from the works of SUPER Surfboards and well known industry designer Tony Larson. Already available at South Coast Surf Shops, the new clothing is made from material and artwork that in the words of SUPER creates a high quality product that compliments the individual in their consumer.

TONY LARSON has steadily moved towards a reconciliation of his loves: visuals, sounds, cement and water. As an Art Director and Designer for brands like Girl and Chocolate Skateboards, Fourstar Clothing and DC Shoes, his work has helped define the countless angles found in boutiques, board shops and galleries worldwide.

Together at last, a defined voice for the individual in all of us can now be heard. And worn. -SUPERbrand

SUPER brand shirts

SUPERbrand Movie “Sorry We’re Open”

SUPER brand Apparel

Hurley Phantom 4D Boardshorts

hurley phantom 4d boardshort
When we heard Hurley was releasing a boardshort almost double the cost of other top industry boardshort we knew they would have some explaining to do. Explaining is exactly what Hurley did by launching their Phantom boardshort campaign which includes a complete micro-site with all the technology information you could ask for about these new high-end boardshorts. We at South Coast Surf Shops are very impressed by the True Innovation going on over at Hurley. We’ve went ahead and outlined some of the key features that make the Hurley Phantom 4D boardshorts well worth the investment in a quality pair of performance boardshorts. The fact that Hurley Phantom’s have been named SIMA Boardshort of the Year three years running should be enough explanation really.

Hurley Phantom 60 4D Boardshort Waistband

True next dimension in innovation is in the waistband of the new Hurley Phantom 4D Boardshorts. Hurley’s Bruce Moore and his Chinese finger trap being the inspiration. Turn it on the side and scale it up for use as the waistband.

In its neutral state it articulates and has a great range of motion but once you put it under stress of tension it locks up and becomes secure. -Ryan Hurley

Rob Machado on Hurley Phantom 4D Boardshorts


Hurley Phantom 4D Boardshorts Features
hurley phantom 4d Boardshorts Black
hurley phantom 4d boardshorts multi

Hurley Phantom 4D Boardshorts


Quiksilver Union Boardshorts
In 2010, Quiksilver brought a new special boardshort collaboration stateside that had been previously successful over in Europe. The Concept:

Under the moniker “Union Boardshort Collection” Quiksilver worked directly with seven key accounts—one from each region of the U.S.—to create a capsule line of collaborative boardshorts that highlight each of the store’s unique regions and heritage. -Transworld Business

2011 Quiksilver Union Boardshorts

South Coast Started as a small surfboard company in 1974 by Rob Ard – who is still involved in its everyday operation. The surf industry was in it’s infancy back then and South Coast grew and formed lifelong relationships with the leading brands. This boardshort collaboration with Quiksilver is a new expression of those lasting relationships. South Coast’s commitment to the local beach community and the surf culture over the years has made it one of the West Coast’s premier surf shops. Infact, the inspiration for the design of this boardshort depicts that commitment as most of the images are from actual photos of local surf spots, waves, employees at the beach playing music, and a team rider skating with his new South Coast board.

Hopefully you will enjoy these boardshorts and live you surf lifestyle as fully as South Coast has enjoyed being part of that culture.

Quiksilver and South Coast

South Coast Union Quiksilver Boardshorts Pocket
These Quiksilver Union boardshorts were design in collaboration with South Coast’s Artist and Community member Tim Lowman of Lowman Kustoms.

Quiksilver Union Boardshort

Reef Sandals

Reef Sandals

Reef Sandals

While cruising through the OB South Coast Surf Shop the other week I happened to hear one of our floor managers talking with a customer about all the new men’s reef sandals. The guy who was asking all the questions caught my attention from his reaction to trying on the Reef Leather Slap II. I can quote him exactly as saying “These are the most comfortable sandal I have ever worn.” That was no surprise to our floor manager who instantly confirmed his statement noting that many other customers had said the same about those newly redone classic reef sandals. This seemed to me like something I would bring to the attention of our online friends and followers.

Reef Sandals

A classic Reef sandal that has been updated to be even more comfortable. Features include leather upper with emboss details, soft padded pigskin lining and durable non marking rubber outsole. All coupled with the original slap contoured compression molded footbed with anatomical arch support.

We just updated our Sale Product Page with some new items available online. Look forward in weeks to come for regular photo shoots which means new products available to you. We understand that you can’t always make it down to your favorite local surf shop so we have brought the shop to your doorstep. Free Shipping on orders over $100 so pick up a few of these rad shirts for back to school or just because they are such a steal of a deal!

Rip Curl Mirage Boardshorts

Rip Curl Mirage Boardshorts

South Coast Surf Shops thinks this commercial for the Rip Curl Mirage Boardshorts is totally radical. It just so happens that at the same time you are reading this you can actually purchase these shorts online right here, right now. We are really amped on having these shorts in stock and ready for the masses. Still not sold on these 2010 Rip Curl masterpieces? Well lucky for you South Coast’s own Jason has provided us with an up close look at some of the technical features of these shorts in this video. Summer is just around the point break and South Coast wants you to be ready to head to the beach in boardshorts that won’t hold you back!

The Rip Curl Mirage Boardshorts – Like Wearing NOTHING.