O’Neill Wetsuit Review Fall / Winter 2014

O’Neill Psycho 3

The Psycho 3 features O’Neill’s exclusive TechnoButter 2 which is the most durable, lightweight, quick drying neoprene on the market and now with added velcro resistance. Technobutter 2-Air Firewall in the chest and back and Double Super Seam Weld will keep you warm and loose in the water. The Psycho 3 evolution from Area 52 continues to be an industry leader and keeps you performing at the top of your game.

Surfing Level: Moderate-Advanced
Flexibility: 4 o u t o f 5
Warmth: 5 o u t o f 5
Price: $$$
Number of Waves you’ll miss
getting into the suit:
3 o u t o f 5

O’Neill Pyrotech

O’Neill’s Pyrotech Series combines their exclusive TechnoButter neoprene with Technobutter-Air Firewall insulation, Single Fluid Seam Weld and a F.U.Z.E Closure System. This wetsuit is lighter, warmer, more insulating and quick drying with improved ease of entry than previous versions. Pyrotech is the latest advancement in cold water wetsuit technology from O’Neill, the leaders in innovation for over 60 years.

Surfing Level: Moderate-Advanced
Flexibility: 5 o u t o f 5
Warmth: 4 o u t o f 5
Price: $$$
Number of Waves you’ll miss
getting into the suit: 3 o u t o f 5


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Rip Curl SearchGPS: Changing the way you do things!

The Search- Rip Curl’s GPS Watch


Rip Curl’s latest GPS watch has just made its way to South Coast. This is no ordinary watch-it allows you to track every wave, your speed, your total distance, and the length of your session. The watch has 10 hours of GPS battery life and 6 months of day-to-day use. The GPS has over 1,360 locations and will even let you know the best time to get in the water.
When you’re out of the water, sync the watch to the app to keep a logbook of all your activity. The app is available for iPhones or any web browser. All your surfs will be kept safely in the cloud, accessible at any time. Create groups to follow your friends. Follow pro surfers and see how you match up. No matter what, Rip Curl’s GPS watch will take your surfing to the next level.


Photo Credit: Rip Curl


The Giving Movement: Reef

Photos Courtesy of www.reef.com

Reef Redemption

Reef has always been known for their comfortable sandals but what you may not know is they have a tremendous heart and a whole line dedicated to helping others! Reef Redemption is a line specifically for supporting environmental and humanitarian groups. Their hopes are that with 1% of Reef Redemption sales, they can help preserve our waves, beaches, and surrounding communities. Reef employees also participate in weekly beach clean ups and always try to do their own part in keeping our sand clean. Read more