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Deep Water: Jaws

Maui in the morning and the North Shore in the afternoon. In the second part of the Deep Water series, Patagonia ambassadors Kohl Christensen and Ramon Navarro double-session one of the first swells of 2011 at Peahi and an Oahu outer reef.

Stay tuned for the next Deep Water feature from Christensen as he chases a swell to Mavericks

Wetsuit Room Build-out at South Coast Surf Shop in Ocean Beach

If you have visited our stores in Ocean Beach lately, you may have noticed some changes! As of April, South Coast Longboards was turned into South Coast Wahines OB- an all girls store mocking our PB location off of Crystal Pier. We gave it a face lift adding wooden floors, a chandelier, and some girly touches for an all around sophisticated yet fun and beachy boutique look! But with all this sprucing up, we couldn’t forget about our oldest location-South Coast located on Newport  Street in Ocean Beach! So far, we have made our wetsuit room more uniform (before it was wetsuits and surfboards combined) and moved our surfboards to what used to be the ladies section. For the next few weeks you will notice “Pardon Our Dust” posters as our remodel continues but we aren’t closing our doors so stop in, say “Hi”, and check out our new wetsuit section because the water is getting cooler and you may need that new O’Neill Psycho 3 soon!