Go Skateboard Day Sector 9 Poker Run Crown Point to Mission Jetty

Sector 9 Poker Run
Today marks Sector 9’s 6th annual Go Skateboard Day Poker Run. The event kicks off today at 12pm with registration of the first 100 people at crown point park. The free registration entails receiving your first of four cards along the 3.5 mile way to the south Mission Beach jetty. The skate starts at 2pm and activities will continue in Mission Beach until 5pm. Whoever has the best poker hand at the end of the push wins cash prizes and brand new skateboards from Sector 9. Free food for all participants from Wahoo’s Fish Tacos along with more fun games at the jetty on the beach.

If you’re lucky enough to take the day off work then get down the Crown Point Park and pick up your first card. Bring all your luck and any skateboard will do and come join the fun.

Helmets are not required for this event although safety is always a concern and we always recommend you wear helmet when skating. Skate safe. Skate smart.

Bob Marley Sector 9 Complete Series

bob marley sector 9

Bob Marley Sector 9 Complete Series

The Bob Marley Series from Sector 9 is the latest and greatest series of completes to roll out from the guys at sector. A four board series each one has its own specific purpose and rastafari style. Built with the same quality components that compose all Sector 9 completes these boards are not just a collectors piece but are also very ripable. Clear grip on all the decks showcases the Bob Marley sector 9 branding on the vertical laminated beautiful bamboo. Here is a short description for each board model to help you decide which one you want if you can’t have them all. Available at South Coast Surf Shops.
Sector 9 Revolution

Sector 9 Revolution

The Revolution complete boasts a sick collage of Bob Marley images in monochrome mixed with a hint of rasta colors. The red 70mm 75a Nineball wheels match this board perfectly and will grip great combined with Gullwing Charger Trucks. Pick up some speed get your back foot on the rail and break lose to some rasta vibes on this longboard.
babylon sector 9

Sector 9 Babylon

Same 5 ply bamboo total cruiser style. Great for cruising around beach cities where curbs and crack features liter the path. You would be a fool to have anything bad to say about this skate
player sector 9

Sector 9 Player

The Player Complete is for the athlete who takes living the the fullest most serious. Pick this board up and hold it then set it down and stand on it. You can easily imagine yourself taking a nice bomber at some good speed with. At only $179 you can use the hardware on your other downhill deck and frame the limited edition deck.

Sector 9 Soul Rebel

The Soul Rebel is similar the revolution in shape and flex but only a few inches shorter. Slightly narrower trucks at 9 inches wide this board will be perfect for cruising around town. You’ll be sure to get good vibes from all the local green people with the 65mm 78a Soy Biothane Nineball Wheels.

Bob Marley Sector 9 Complete Series

This tribute series is one of a kind and we are proud to offer them at South Coast.

Click any of the board photos for specific details or to purchase.

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Arbor Collective Eco-Friendly Skateboards

Arbor Collective

Arbor Collective Eco-Friendly Skateboards

San Diego summertime is not always the best time for waves so when the surfs flat it’s time to grab your Arbor get out and go slay some concrete waves! What’s that? You don’t own an Arbor? You had one but it got stolen by a friend? Regardless, we here at South Coast have hand selected a couple different Arbor Collective skate models that we would like to share.

Arbor Collective Bamboo Pocket Rocket

Arbor Collective Pocket Rocket BambooLadies and gentlemen we would like to introduce you to the Arbor Bamboo Pocket Rocket. The incredible graphics that plague the entire Arbor Collective skate line keep our jaws dropped each time a new board is unveiled. The Pocket Rocket is dropping bombs on all mini cruiser skateboards that you might compare it to. This compact little board can not be underestimated as is is built for being very snappy letting you thread a line like a machine. When you get where your going make sure to stash this little one before your friend swipes it again. If you think this board has nothing more to offer than you are wrong because not only is it totally shredworthy but it’s Eco-friendly too! The Bamboo construction in the new Arbors is amazingly renewable, incredibly strong yet still light, flexible and resistant to compression. Reach in your pocket count your dough and get this rocket today for functional around-town performance.

Arbor Collective Blunt Koa

Arbor Collective Blunt KoaEvery Arbor board is known for is beautiful makeup of choice woods and components. Most gain this appreciation from the clear re-grip on the topside that allows you to see and admire the wood-grain while your feet are stuck to it like glue as you bomb that high mph hill. Well the Arbor Blunt Koa Skateboard is no exception in that it is topped with a finish ply of sustainably harvested Koa wood creating a very unique look. The ‘warrior wood’ is prized for its rich colors and unique grains and shares a history with surfing in that it was used 1,000 years ago by the native Hawaiians to build the original surfboards. Although the bottom graphic might have you thinking the Arbor artist were inspired from the people off the streets of OB; this thing is ready for any hill you throw at it or simply just push less and go farther. Cover some miles on this one and with the large kick-tail soaring this Arbor off curbs or over cracks will be smooth as butter.

Click the boards to see technical specifications for each model and see the rest of our Arbor skates available online.

Arbor Collective Eco-Friendly Skateboards

Go Green with Arbor’s Sustainable Products!

The idea of going green has recently swept the nation. Companies are pushing environmental sustainability, finding new ways to manufacture products in a way that has less impact on the environment. Going green has become a trendy way to take social action against environmental negligence. For all of you who live a “green” lifestyle, then hold the organic cotton—there are better alternatives yet! Arbor is a company that prides itself on environmental sustainability. Their full line of clothes and skateboards incorporate the use of bamboo as a substitute for cotton and wood.

Since 1999 Arbor has been producing skateboards that use bamboo in addition to sustainably sourced maple ply. Bamboo is widely known for its strength and flexibility; it is also, however, the fastest growing plant in the world, making it the perfect source because it is such a renewable material. Arbor’s incorporation of bamboo strengthens the skateboard deck and improves its durability. Their unique boards have been featured in Surfshot and Transworld Skateboarding as “must haves” because of their design, durability, and performance.

In their clothes, Arbor uses a blend of bamboo and organic cotton to maximize comfort, functionality and sustainability. Arbor’s most popular selling blend is 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. Through Arbor’s pioneering use of bamboo, they have found many of its advantages. In addition to all the environmental benefits, Bamboo is smoother, more breathable, and absorbs water better than cotton. Bamboo fabrics have better UV protection than cotton and it also will help regulate the body’s temperature whether hot or cold. Bamboo even has natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that reduce the possibility skin irritations and odor. If that weren’t enough already to make the switch to Arbor’s bamboo-based clothes, take a look at their popular design. Their products and accessories have even been featured in Outside Magazine and GQ for their brilliant sustainability and design.

From the beginning, Arbor has been dedicated to making a change. They wanted to impact the boarding culture by providing products that are environmentally sustainable—a feat they have certainly accomplished. Arbor’s superior products are an exceptional choice because of their popular design, enhanced durability and proven sustainability.