Quiksilver Wetsuits for Fall 2008

Keep warm with the hottest new Quiksilver Wetsuits for FALL 2008
By Brianne Chavez

This season Quiksilver wetsuits has a lineup that covers the bases for surfers of all levels. Starting with their top of the line Cypher, and going through their mid range Ignite to the entry level Syncro, South Coast Surf Shops is highlighting the key features of this year’s Quiksilver wetsuits.

Quiksilver Cypher Wetsuit at South Coast Surf ShopsReplacing the Cell of last season, Quiksilver has introduced the Cypher. The Cypher wetsuit contains an HFT chest panel, flexmax, hyperstretch II, vapor stretch mesh chest and back, triple glued and blind stitch, cypher seal, hydroshield water barrier, and hydrowrap adjustable neck closure. You’re probably asking yourself what all of this means. Let me break it down for you. An HFT chest panel is a jersey like material that lies between your skin and the main skin of the suit. What it does is allow minimum water into the suit, keeping you warmer. It is comparable to the firewall in Oneill suits, just with a different name. Flexmax is a Quicksilver’s version of waterproof seams. All this means is that there is a liquid tape seal on one side of the seams to ensure that no water leaks through the seams.

Hyperstretch II is the type of neoprene used in the suit. It is extremely flexible and durable. Vapor stretch in the chest and back is placed over the Hyperstretch II neoprene to help hold in air and block out water, which will keep you warmer. The triple glued and blind stitch means that all seams are blind stitched half way through the neoprene, and then triple glued to help keep water out of the seams. The cypher seal is a cuff on the wrists and ankles of the suit that help keep the water out and allow the ankles and cuffs to last longer. The hydroshield water barrier is a layer of material between your back and the zipper, which doesn’t allow the cold water to hit your back. The hydrowrap adjustable neck closure explains itself. It’s adjustable so that you can loosen and tighten as you feel and keep water out. The Cypher is offered as a back zip, chest zip, or hooded chest zip.

The mid range suit that Quiksilver offers is the Ignite. The Ignite wetsuit comes in back zip with Hyperstretch-II, HFT chest panel, triple glued and blind stitching, hydrosheild water barrier, vaper stretch chest mesh, and freemax super stretch. You can get the Ignite either flatlocked stitched or liquid flex seal. Quiksilver takes it to the next level with their liquid flex seal by sealing both the interior and exterior of the seams with liquid tape. The Hyperstretch-II is in the arms of this suit to provide maximum flexibility. The body is made up of freemax super stretch. If you want to buy a quality suit, but aren’t looking to spend a ton of money, the Ignite is a great buy.

Quiksilver’s entry-level price suit is the Syncro. The Syncro wetsuit offers the basic essentials needed for staying warm in the water. It is consists of Hyperstretch-II neoprene, flatlock stitching or glued and blind stitching, a full-length zipper, an adjustable neck, and hyperweld kneepads. The Hyperstretch-II neoprene is also found in the arms and shoulders of this suit, while freemax super stretch is in the body. Flatlock stitching is when the stitching is all the way through the neoprene. The full-length zipper allows for easy access in and out of the suit. This suit is perfect for moderate water temperatures and beginners.

This season, the Roxy offering for women is the Roxy Syncro and the Roxy Cypher. Both have the same features as the men’s versions, but better suited to fit a woman’s body. The only thing the Roxy Cypher does not offer is the chest zip option for the ladies.

This season’s Quiksilver suits are sure to catch your eye. Whether you want to go with their high end Cypher, mid range Ignite, or entry level Syncro, you are certain to be pleased by your selection.

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