Rip Curl Watches – Tide Watch Buyers Guide

Rip Curl Watches

All Rip Curl Watches are 100% Waterproof Tested

Rip Curl watches are tested to the highest industry standards with the best Swiss pressure testing equipment and are purpose built for SURFING!

Rip Curl Avalon Oceantide Watch

Rip Curl Watches Avalon$74
Throw away all those tide charts in your glove box and replace them with the Rip Curl Avalon Oceantide Watch. Rip Curls patented Automatic Tide System easily sets to thousands of beaches worldwide to give you precise tide info right on your wrist. The ABS plastic casing and polyurethane band are ready for years of salt water abuse and are tested waterproof up to 100m. Making sure this watch isnt just a one trick pony Rip Curl added other key features as well. With a stop watch, heat timer, alarm, second time zone, backlight, and a future tide reading, we really cant think of anything else you would need.
Rip Curl Watches

Rip Curl Trestles Watch

You know exactly when and where the surf’s up because you have a Rip Curl Trestles Oceansearch Watch on your wrist. This digital watch comes pre-programmed with tide information for 200 locations and if your local beach or the one you plan to travel to next week isn’t on that list, you can add it in.
Rip Curl Watches

Rip Curl Rincon Oceansearch Watch

From the Rip Curl Oceansearch series, the Rincon tide watch features preprogrammed tide data for 200 beaches and can be set for thousands of other beaches throughout the world. Includes the Spot X function, future tide, heat timer, stop watch an more. It has a 100% marine grade stainless steel case with screw in case back, polyurethane strap and hardened mineral crystal face. Tested to 200m depth.
Rip Curl Watches

Rip Curl Eclipse Tidemaster Watch

As captain you have a lot of responsibilities, and you like to run a tight ship. Naturally you need a reliable time piece. Well, slap the Rip Curl Men’s Eclipse SS Tidemaster Watch on your wrist and make sure the cabin boy is swabbing the deck on schedule. The marine-grade stainless steel laughs at salty and wet expeditions, and with the Automatic Tide System you’ll always know when to set sail.
Rip Curl Watches

Rip Curl Shipstern Tide Master 2 Watch

A new classic in the line of Tidemaster watches from Rip Curl. It is made from a 316L stainless steel, which is the highest grade of stainless steel for water resistance, strength and non-corrosion in a marine environment. Also features an automatic tide system (ATS) and is easily set to thousands of beaches worldwide. The watch has 4 seals for extreme water resistance and a depth rating of 200m complete the package.

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