Sector 9 Longboards – Nine Reason to Skate a Sector 9 Complete

In no particular order here are South Coast’s nine reason you should skate a Sector 9 Complete.


Reason #1:

The guys at Sector 9 are industry pioneers. Check out this interview with Mr. Concrete Wave himself Michael Brooke and Sector owners Steve Lake and Dennis Telfer. Sorry the volume is low on the video so crank it up and get your Sector 9 longboard history lesson.

Reason #2:

Sector 9 completes are made with the most quality components. There is a reason you have to buy Sector 9 boards from core shops like South Coast. These boards are assembled using some of the best parts available to build a complete skateboard. Everyone has their own preferences but you cannot go wrong with Gullwing Trucks, Sectors Urethane, and ABEC 5 bearings.

Reason #3:

The Sector Downhill Division is rapidly growing with world class team members. This surreal video of Sector 9 Downhill racer Erik Lundberg is a must watch. Other Sector 9 Downhill Division racers include Scott ‘Scoot’ Smith, Jackson Shapiera, George MacKenzie, Evren Ozan, Jeff Budro, and Louis Pilloni.

Lundberg Loses It from Kenny Luby on Vimeo.

Reason #4:

The board graphics are on par with any other skate manufacture out there. We can really appreciate the bomber girl graphics on their downhill boards seen below but all their graphics are very complimentary to the deck build quality.
Sector 9 Downhill Division Decks

Reason #5:

Sector Completes come ready to skate. Setup with wheels, trucks, bearings, bushings, grip and hardware that work best for the boards intended purpose.

Reason #6:

Sector 9 makes a wide variety of board shapes and ply’s so that your longboard skate serves its purpose perfectly.

Whether you are into racing, freeriding, or just pushing along the San Diego boardwalks Sector 9 has got you covered with their setups.

Reason #7:

They are Local! Based out of San Diego California that makes Sector 9 local for all the readers who hail SD as home. It wouldn’t be crazy for you to compliment a random guy at the pizza parlor on his sweet longboard and have it be one of the sector owners themselves. The owners are cool people and if you compliment their board they would probably give it to you if they didn’t need it for the girl they just met to ride back to their house(true story). Maybe next time. It goes to show these guys aren’t in it for the money it’s about the culture.

Reason #8:

They produce high quality videos that get kids inspired to pick up the growing sport of longboarding. This full length film comes with a warning from us here at South Coast that you might become addicted to downhill skating after watching.

Second Nature (Sector 9) Full Film from Colin Blackshear on Vimeo.

Reason #9:

South Coast carries a wide selection of Sector 9 completes. South Coast selects only the industries best brands to carry in our 5 surf shops in San Diego. We have teamed up with Sector 9 to provide a place for skaters to come and try standing on a board and get help selecting the boards that is right for them. South Coast wants you to remember to always skate safe and wear a helmet.

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