South Coast Surfboard Review: by Team Rider Jonah Pierce!

Back in March our team rider, Jonah Pierce, starting riding South Coast boards.  After meeting with our shaper, Dan, two boards were custom made for Jonah, based on what he was looking for.  In the blog post below, read what Jonah had to say about the new South Coast surfboards!

On Wednesday I surfed my new South Coast epoxy surf board, that was modeled after the Dane Reynolds’s Channel Island #4. This board was extremely fast through any section and was really good on a rail but still had a great release. This was my first time surfing an epoxy board. It was super light and buoyant. This made it excel in small waves because it wouldn’t sink and lose speed. This board has a double bump in the tail which is also why it has such speed. The double bump keeps the rail straighter then your standard rails which allows for more drive and forward projection. This board is a perfect groveler board for ankle to chest high waves and I highly recommend getting one from South Coast Surf Shop.

Today was a stormy day so I decided to head up to La Jolla with my second board which is a standard epoxy short board with a rounded squash tail. When I arrived at Scripps it was 6ft to 8ft with the ovational 10ft waves. On the smaller waves it was really ripable and super fun. The bigger waves were doubling up on the sand bars and making massive barrel that reminded me of my trip to Hawaii last year surfing at Pipe Line but not as warm. This was my first time riding this South Coast surf board and it handled the barrels and speed really well but I could still release the tail when I wanted to. The whole session there were random big sets that would come through and would hit the sand bar perfect giving it a perfect shoulder. These waves looked like back door Pipe Line.   Eventually I got lucky enough to be in the perfect spot for one of these waves.  As I was paddling I could see the wave sucking up on the sand and I stood, grabbed my rail and pulled into the barrel. As I pulled into the barrel I just saw a huge blue wall going over my head, and sound just stops. Then, I see this huge open hole in front of me that continued to get smaller and smaller. The wave just wouldn’t stop going, but the section was to big to make and eventually ate me alive. The barrel was probably the longest and biggest closeout barrel of my life and it was super fun. Thanks for reading, I’ll have another post up some time next month.

– Jonah Pierce

Jonah March Blog

 Surf Photos taken by George Barnes

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