STANCE Socks – The Uncommon Thread

STANCE Socks – The Uncommon Thread

STANCE SocksSTANCE unravels the spool of convention to create an original canvas worthy of the art it is paired with. A commune of creativity, STANCE is dedicated to the spirit of individuality. Celebrate bold expression with this free-thinking fabric as it becomes thread poetry in motion. Send a crystal clear mixed message that’s silently loud and quietly bold. Designed in California, worn everywhere.


CASUAL Stance Socks

Stance Socks Casual MarinerStance presents the everyday classic athletic sock. Upgraded with combed cotton, arch support, and mesh venting. Mercedes quality coupled with Cadillac comfort.


These threads with treads are padded for comfort like velvet from the underground, and deliberately sticky enough to keep feet locked in place. Engineered with Coolmax technology…built for skateboarding.


Too Much Art is Never Enough. Stance has teamed up with our favorite artists and designers to create this collection of truly uncommon threads. Enjoy the combined rewards of self-expression, dress code subversion and creativity-induced endorphins on a wearable canvas.

RESERVE Stance Socks

Stance Socks Thermostat Reserve
Our premium line offering from Stance is just what the name implies…elegant fit and feel with contemporary design. Stance takes great care in selecting only the most premium fibers in order to bring you the finest in foot fashion. Like a fine wine served in its prime.

KIDS Stance Socks

How can we strengthen the foot soldiers of tomorrow if we neglect their feet today? We cannot… Nay, we MUST not allow it to happen. Let the Ankle Biters have socks. Stance has partnered up with designer David Hanson to bring you the Ankle Biters Kids Collection. Inspired by David’s artwork and a responsibility to keep the little feet happy. Available for shoe sizes 2-5.5



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