SUPER brand Apparel – Clothing from SUPER Surfboards & Designer/Artist Tony Larson

SUPER brand Apparel believes that the kids are alright

SUPER brand Apparel
SUPER brand apparelSouth Coast got a chance to meet up with the fine people at SUPER brand during the Agenda trade show last week. They’ve got us really excited about the new apparel line coming from the works of SUPER Surfboards and well known industry designer Tony Larson. Already available at South Coast Surf Shops, the new clothing is made from material and artwork that in the words of SUPER creates a high quality product that compliments the individual in their consumer.

TONY LARSON has steadily moved towards a reconciliation of his loves: visuals, sounds, cement and water. As an Art Director and Designer for brands like Girl and Chocolate Skateboards, Fourstar Clothing and DC Shoes, his work has helped define the countless angles found in boutiques, board shops and galleries worldwide.

Together at last, a defined voice for the individual in all of us can now be heard. And worn. -SUPERbrand

SUPER brand shirts

SUPERbrand Movie “Sorry We’re Open”

SUPER brand Apparel

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