Surf Artists: John Coopwood

John Coopwood
A tropical paradise, a surreal vision, an inviting surf spot with not a soul around. These are Coopwood’s favorite subjects. Using rich colors with various techniques, John Coopwood blends onto the canvas and computer not only acrylic paint and light but his entire world of personal experiences and dreams.

Growing up in San Diego, Ca., John started his lifestyle of surfing, music and painting at an early age. His Costa Rican mother introduced him to the intensely saturated beauty of its land and ocean. From then on he was inspired to Live the “Pura Vida”.

He now lives in Playa Negra, Costa Rica with his wife and daughter. There he creates his fine art paintings, Illustrates commercial designs for such clients as Quiksilver, O’Neill, Ernieball/Music Man, Mesa/Boogie, Scorpion Bay,Corona Beer, Local Motion and many more.

John also travels to paint murals for clients all over the globe.

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