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Toms Event at South Coast Wahines Ocean Beach

Saturday, Dec. 1 at 11am

South Coast Wahines OB
5037 Newport Ave.
Ocean Beach, CA 92107

Purchase a pair of TOMS at the event and local artists will customize them for you.

Due to time constraints, our artists can only design a limited number of TOMS, so arrive early!

See you there!

This photo was submitted by Mike Montemurro. His friend’s wife purchased a South Coast Retro Fish Surfboard. She then painted it herself and now it’s back at the beach where it belongs ready for another summer session. Thanks for sharing with the South Coast family Mike. Beautiful artwork on a beautiful board.

South Coast Retro Fish Surfboard With Custom Artwork

Quiksilver Union Boardshorts
In 2010, Quiksilver brought a new special boardshort collaboration stateside that had been previously successful over in Europe. The Concept:

Under the moniker “Union Boardshort Collection” Quiksilver worked directly with seven key accounts—one from each region of the U.S.—to create a capsule line of collaborative boardshorts that highlight each of the store’s unique regions and heritage. -Transworld Business

2011 Quiksilver Union Boardshorts

South Coast Started as a small surfboard company in 1974 by Rob Ard – who is still involved in its everyday operation. The surf industry was in it’s infancy back then and South Coast grew and formed lifelong relationships with the leading brands. This boardshort collaboration with Quiksilver is a new expression of those lasting relationships. South Coast’s commitment to the local beach community and the surf culture over the years has made it one of the West Coast’s premier surf shops. Infact, the inspiration for the design of this boardshort depicts that commitment as most of the images are from actual photos of local surf spots, waves, employees at the beach playing music, and a team rider skating with his new South Coast board.

Hopefully you will enjoy these boardshorts and live you surf lifestyle as fully as South Coast has enjoyed being part of that culture.

Quiksilver and South Coast

South Coast Union Quiksilver Boardshorts Pocket
These Quiksilver Union boardshorts were design in collaboration with South Coast’s Artist and Community member Tim Lowman of Lowman Kustoms.

Quiksilver Union Boardshort

We love getting feedback like this from local boardriders who are doing big things in the world. We wanted to share this with everyone because of the great cause behind it. Be sure to check out the video and if you want to help click this link to purchase the song on itunes. Thanks Casey. Glad you love your SC Boards and we’ll pass that along to South Coast shaper Larry Ricci.

So I just recently got back from Indo…I got out of there before the tsunami hit the mentawais.

I’m in a local band here in SD called Stained Glass Saints and I also play out solo under my own name CASEY TURNER. We shot a music video in the mentawais and Bali 2 months ago and are donating all the proceeds to the itunes sales of that song to SURFAID to help the tsunami victims. Here is the link to the music vid. The song is called “Wayan and Friends”. Pass it on and maybe buy the song on itunes and help donate…if you are down. Maybe you can spread the word. There is a shot of an SC board on my scoooter in the begginning. I’m loving my new SC board Larry Ricci has some of the best shapes I surfed your boards the whole time I was out there. click on da link and check out the video.

Wayan and Friends (music video) – Casey Turner



Shannon Payne McIntyre
Shannon Payne McIntyre is a native San Diegan, surfer, artist, writer, surfboard shaper, filmer and host for “On Surfari,” and most recently a Momma.

Shannon obtained her BA in studio arts from Pt. Loma Nazarene College; where she earned the nickname “Soul Cruiser,” and has kept the mellow surf-seeking gypsy attitude towards life ever since. Shannon donates her artwork regularly to raise funds for the SurfRider Foundation and speaks at Schools, Churches, and Correctional Facilities inspiring people that everyone has unique talents and purpose in life.

She has received notoriety for her creative efforts and travels in numerous publications including SURFER, Surfing, SG, Surf Life for Women, Surfer’s Path, Surf Session France, Beach Girls Japan, Surf Trip Journal Japan, Tracks Oz, Surf Girl UK, Waves Girl Oz, Outside, Men’s Journal, Dandelion, O2, Risen, Big, Cosmo, as well as several San Diego articles, web interviews, and TV appearances.

Many of Shannon’s paintings are inspired by God, combined with her passions of surfing and travels throughout Asia, Indonesia,Polynesia, Melanesia, Australia, South and Central America, Caribbean, Europe, and the Middle East.

Shannon says, “I love making it look fun. I do my best to capture that moment in surfing where everything stands still and instant bliss overcomes you. These experiences are burned into my mind when all the colors of the water and surroundings are so intense, and my senses are overwhelmed by the taste of salt water, the sky,sounds of rushing water, joy, and pulsing adrenaline. It’s in these times that I especially give thanks to God for all of Creation, allowing us to be creative, and to Jesus for teaching us to walk on water.”

Check out Shannon’s website at

Surf Artists : Todd Cooper

by Robb on June 13, 2008

Artist Todd Cooper was born in San Diego and grew up surfing the many reefs and beaches providing the strong inspiration to create images that reflect his oceanic lifestyle. This pattern continued in Santa Barbara where Todd learned about long point breaks and the studio arts. After travels to the hotspots Todd has returned and is currently located in Ocean Beach finishing up a new series of images with varying subjects and styles while researching for his next set. Still working in oils and airbrushing acrylics, Todd also creates murals, fine wall decorations, sculpture, and event staging. Todd also teaches art and architecture at Creative Academy of Performing Arts. To find out more information about prints, commisions or to just say hello, you can reach Todd at

Surf Artists: John Coopwood

by Robb on June 13, 2008

John Coopwood
A tropical paradise, a surreal vision, an inviting surf spot with not a soul around. These are Coopwood’s favorite subjects. Using rich colors with various techniques, John Coopwood blends onto the canvas and computer not only acrylic paint and light but his entire world of personal experiences and dreams.

Growing up in San Diego, Ca., John started his lifestyle of surfing, music and painting at an early age. His Costa Rican mother introduced him to the intensely saturated beauty of its land and ocean. From then on he was inspired to Live the “Pura Vida”.

He now lives in Playa Negra, Costa Rica with his wife and daughter. There he creates his fine art paintings, Illustrates commercial designs for such clients as Quiksilver, O’Neill, Ernieball/Music Man, Mesa/Boogie, Scorpion Bay,Corona Beer, Local Motion and many more.

John also travels to paint murals for clients all over the globe.

Check out John’s website at