Arbor Collective Eco-Friendly Skateboards

Arbor Collective

Arbor Collective Eco-Friendly Skateboards

San Diego summertime is not always the best time for waves so when the surfs flat it’s time to grab your Arbor get out and go slay some concrete waves! What’s that? You don’t own an Arbor? You had one but it got stolen by a friend? Regardless, we here at South Coast have hand selected a couple different Arbor Collective skate models that we would like to share.

Arbor Collective Bamboo Pocket Rocket

Arbor Collective Pocket Rocket BambooLadies and gentlemen we would like to introduce you to the Arbor Bamboo Pocket Rocket. The incredible graphics that plague the entire Arbor Collective skate line keep our jaws dropped each time a new board is unveiled. The Pocket Rocket is dropping bombs on all mini cruiser skateboards that you might compare it to. This compact little board can not be underestimated as is is built for being very snappy letting you thread a line like a machine. When you get where your going make sure to stash this little one before your friend swipes it again. If you think this board has nothing more to offer than you are wrong because not only is it totally shredworthy but it’s Eco-friendly too! The Bamboo construction in the new Arbors is amazingly renewable, incredibly strong yet still light, flexible and resistant to compression. Reach in your pocket count your dough and get this rocket today for functional around-town performance.

Arbor Collective Blunt Koa

Arbor Collective Blunt KoaEvery Arbor board is known for is beautiful makeup of choice woods and components. Most gain this appreciation from the clear re-grip on the topside that allows you to see and admire the wood-grain while your feet are stuck to it like glue as you bomb that high mph hill. Well the Arbor Blunt Koa Skateboard is no exception in that it is topped with a finish ply of sustainably harvested Koa wood creating a very unique look. The ‘warrior wood’ is prized for its rich colors and unique grains and shares a history with surfing in that it was used 1,000 years ago by the native Hawaiians to build the original surfboards. Although the bottom graphic might have you thinking the Arbor artist were inspired from the people off the streets of OB; this thing is ready for any hill you throw at it or simply just push less and go farther. Cover some miles on this one and with the large kick-tail soaring this Arbor off curbs or over cracks will be smooth as butter.

Click the boards to see technical specifications for each model and see the rest of our Arbor skates available online.

Arbor Collective Eco-Friendly Skateboards