Go Green with Arbor’s Sustainable Products!

The idea of going green has recently swept the nation. Companies are pushing environmental sustainability, finding new ways to manufacture products in a way that has less impact on the environment. Going green has become a trendy way to take social action against environmental negligence. For all of you who live a “green” lifestyle, then hold the organic cotton—there are better alternatives yet! Arbor is a company that prides itself on environmental sustainability. Their full line of clothes and skateboards incorporate the use of bamboo as a substitute for cotton and wood.

Since 1999 Arbor has been producing skateboards that use bamboo in addition to sustainably sourced maple ply. Bamboo is widely known for its strength and flexibility; it is also, however, the fastest growing plant in the world, making it the perfect source because it is such a renewable material. Arbor’s incorporation of bamboo strengthens the skateboard deck and improves its durability. Their unique boards have been featured in Surfshot and Transworld Skateboarding as “must haves” because of their design, durability, and performance.

In their clothes, Arbor uses a blend of bamboo and organic cotton to maximize comfort, functionality and sustainability. Arbor’s most popular selling blend is 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. Through Arbor’s pioneering use of bamboo, they have found many of its advantages. In addition to all the environmental benefits, Bamboo is smoother, more breathable, and absorbs water better than cotton. Bamboo fabrics have better UV protection than cotton and it also will help regulate the body’s temperature whether hot or cold. Bamboo even has natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that reduce the possibility skin irritations and odor. If that weren’t enough already to make the switch to Arbor’s bamboo-based clothes, take a look at their popular design. Their products and accessories have even been featured in Outside Magazine and GQ for their brilliant sustainability and design.

From the beginning, Arbor has been dedicated to making a change. They wanted to impact the boarding culture by providing products that are environmentally sustainable—a feat they have certainly accomplished. Arbor’s superior products are an exceptional choice because of their popular design, enhanced durability and proven sustainability.