Big Worm’s Big Give

by Kimmy Lamb

On Wednesday, May 28th, anyone strolling past RT Longboard’s in Pacific Beach may have just thought the bar was having a good night, but those on the inside knew that this night was more special than most. On this particular evening, the family and friends of Matt “Big Worm” Joyce came together to honor his memory, as well as raise money to support his cause, BIG Worm’s CF Life Foundation.

When Worm decided to start a foundation for kids with Cystic Fibrosis (CF), he set out a plan with his uncle to make it successful. Worm had a hand in every aspect of creating a foundation that continues to improve the quality of life for CF patients during their treatment plans. The Big Give was a fund raiser in memory of Worm and his work.

Worm had a lot of friends, but the amount of people who showed up to support the Big Give was way beyond our expectations. The bar was packed, with standing room only.

It was tough to weave through the crowd, but as I did, I could overhear people sharing stories about how they met Worm or how he had touched their lives…

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