Guys: Best Trunks For Your Wallet

best trunks for your wallet

Quiksilver and Rip Curl Trunks Under $50

With this day and age, everything can be technical- including boardshorts- and unfortunately, those come at a hefty price for all the bells and whistles. What if you’re looking for straight up trunks?! Here are some trunks for Quiksilver and Rip Curl that are all under $50 and available at both our South Coast locations!

Mens Hurley Phantom 4D Boardshorts – Multi or Black – True Innovation

Hurley Phantom 4D Boardshorts

hurley phantom 4d boardshort
When we heard Hurley was releasing a boardshort almost double the cost of other top industry boardshort we knew they would have some explaining to do. Explaining is exactly what Hurley did by launching their Phantom boardshort campaign which includes a complete micro-site with all the technology information you could ask for about these new high-end boardshorts. We at South Coast Surf Shops are very impressed by the True Innovation going on over at Hurley. We’ve went ahead and outlined some of the key features that make the Hurley Phantom 4D boardshorts well worth the investment in a quality pair of performance boardshorts. The fact that Hurley Phantom’s have been named SIMA Boardshort of the Year three years running should be enough explanation really.

Hurley Phantom 60 4D Boardshort Waistband

True next dimension in innovation is in the waistband of the new Hurley Phantom 4D Boardshorts. Hurley’s Bruce Moore and his Chinese finger trap being the inspiration. Turn it on the side and scale it up for use as the waistband.

In its neutral state it articulates and has a great range of motion but once you put it under stress of tension it locks up and becomes secure. -Ryan Hurley

Rob Machado on Hurley Phantom 4D Boardshorts


Hurley Phantom 4D Boardshorts Features
hurley phantom 4d Boardshorts Black
hurley phantom 4d boardshorts multi

Hurley Phantom 4D Boardshorts


South Coast Summer Board Shorts are In!

It’s almost that time to trade in your jeans and khakis for those old reliable board shorts that have been hibernating at the bottom of your closet. Oh, you forgot that the last pair was lost in Mexico and your backup trunks have a hole that would make any Brazilian bikini model blush. Time to invest in a new trunk that looks good as well as gives you ultimate performance. Unfortunately with today’s economy, reaching into your wallet to buy new board shorts isn’t always feasible. South Coast Surf Shops has the answer to ease those financial woes. The new spring/summer line of South Coast board shorts are in!

South Coast has long been known for it’s private label brand of clothing.  Whether it be tees, polos, or board shorts, you know that your getting a quality South Coast product at a reasonable price.  This year is no different except for the vast number of styles in board shorts we’re offering.  “Amazing, one of a kind, innovative, and stylish”, these are just a few of the reviews we’ve received from the major clothing critics.  OK, maybe I’m lying about those comments, but our board short line this year has some really great styles and performance oriented features.

One of the great new features of our board shorts is the 4-way stretch material.  This allows for better movement in your surfing and higher performance than most traditional trunks.  South Coast board shorts also offer multiple styles and colors so that your not handcuffed to just one look.  Are you a fan of the classic old school look?  Or maybe you want a trunk that will make the girls go “hey”.  Whatever your taste we offer a little bit for every surfer or summer lover.  Personally, I live in my board shorts during the summer and want a variety of looks and material for all aspects of my beach life.  With this summer line it will be difficult not to find something just for you. 

Don’t sacrifice your hard earned dollars for just any pair of name brand trunks.  South Coast board shorts offers you the quality and style expected from a major company without the high price usually associated with them.  Stop in at one of our five South Coast Surf shop locations, or shop online at South for all your summer surf needs. 

Get your freak on, O’neill Hyperfreak boardshorts that is.

Bulky, plain, and just uncomfortable are a few adjectives that described the board shorts of the past. No longer is that an issue with the new and improved O’Neill Hyperfreak board shorts.  The hottest board shorts to hit the market in years.  With O’Neill’s new technology, they have developed a short that is lighter and more comfortable than any other on the market.

The Hyperfreak is one of the few shorts out that literally feel as if you are surfing in the nude.  Remember that nightmare where you show up to school with only your undies on?  Well, when your wearing the Hyperfreak, it feels as if that dream just came to reality and that’s not a bad thing.  The Hyperfreak features some of the newest board short technology to the industry.

With the Hyperstretch fabric your given ultimate flexability.  This is crucial when making sure your surfing isn’t hindered by the lack of movement that traditional shorts give.  Now you can pump down the line faster and snap that board without having your legs held back from the full range of motion.  Comfort is now one of the most important design features when selecting a pair of shorts.  With the Hyperfreak as mentioned before, you will be amazed at how light and free moving they are.  Superfly 2.0, flat stitching, and non-stretch waistbands are just a few recent additions that make the Hyperfreak a step ahead of other shorts.  The Superfly 2.0 allows for less bulkiness in the fly.  Flat stitching takes away the seam that is usually felt while surfing.  This is important to prevent rashing that you might normally face, allowing for longer surf sessions.  The non-stretch waist band assures that your trunks will stay on in epic surf.  Since the material is so light weight it also dries quicker so that you can go out for that evening surf session or just toss them on and grab a post surf meal.  Hot colors and different styles assure you that no matter you will stand out in the line-up or just walking around town.

I can honestly say in my opinion that these are one of the best board shorts to come out in years.  O’Neill has made the Hyperfreak with the surfer in mind and has left nothing to be desired.  Pick up a pair and you will see just how light weight and comfortable they are.  Whether you want to extend your surfing time or simply have a relaxing short to laze around in, then the Hyperfreak really is for you.  Stop in at South Coast surf shops and try a pair on for yourself.  You never feel more “freaky” in your life!