Gifts for Every Age- Even Youngsters!

Gifts for the Kids

I know all kids want is video games this Holiday season but sometimes we have to look beyond video games and technology! I’ve put together a list of gifts full of prices and gender specifics!



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Gifts for that Special Someone

Presents for your Significant Other

It can be frustrating thinking of gifts for the love of your life, especially when you are on a budget! Here are some gift ideas for that special lady or man! If your lady is like me, she is a sock girl- you can never have enough socks like you can never have enough shoes! Roxy socks ($10) come in some many different patterns and lengths that you’ll be sure to find a fit for everyone! Dakine has great crossbody bags for a great price too ($15). For a more intimate gift, try local jewelry designer, Serene, and her beautiful, hand-made earrings and necklaces ($20-$50), Maaji’s new line of lingerie ($50-$70), or Nixon’s Satisfaction leather jacket ($100). For your surfer girl, Rip Curl makes a sexy – yet functional- spring wetsuit, the G Bomb ($100) and South Coast’s Egg surfboard ($500).

For the men in our life, we have some great choices! If you haven’t heard of Stance socks, you need to introduce yourself! Stance socks are, by far, the best socks I have ever worn and your guy will agree! At $10 a pop, this easy gift will leave a smile on his face! Other slick apparel and accessory gifts are Quiksilver wallets (418-$30) and the Billabong Slubford long sleeve woven ($54.50). Still need a more stylish gift? Nixon’s 51/30 watch is a sleek gift ($500). Is he a surfer? FCS has car rack pads to hold his surfboard when the waves are out of walking distance ($48). Jordy Future Fins ($90) will make him rip in the water and Nixon’s Supertide watch ($200) is perfect for knowing when the surf is great! Be sure to pick up our handy print out guide for gifts for all your loved ones in any of our 5 locations!

Gifts for Brothers and Sisters

Shopping For Siblings

Brothers and sisters are so hard to buy for! If you don’t spend time with them, you don’t really know their style or taste so it can make present buying a time-filled task. Here are some staple gifts that any brother or sister would enjoy! If you drew their name in a $10 and under gift exchange, try Boma stud earrings ($10) for the ladies or an Element Hacky Sack ($7.50) for the guys. Stance socks have been hit with the guys ($10) and now the ladies can enjoy Stance too ($12-$20)! If your brother has enough Stance socks already, Julie Designs board socks are awesome for a lower price gift ($25-$30). If you have a “techy” sibling, get him or her an iPhone case from RVCA, Vans, or Roxy ($25-$30). Not “techy”? Billabong makes fabulous purses and bitchin’ wallets ($25-$55).

Does your bro have a soft spot for style? RVCA’s Scalleywag Pullover is perfect for impressing the ladies ($66). And dudes, you can thank her with Sanuk Fleece Chill shoes ($50-$80). They keep your feet toasty without a bulky boot feeling. Other gifts for the sis include Quiksilver Girls Snowfall Sweater ($89.50 and probably one of my favorite sweaters), Nixon Player watch ($225), and a GoPro Hero3 camera ($399.99) for all her outdoor interests! For the bro- Indo board, Arnette Witch Doctor Sunglasses with interchangeable sides ($119.95), and a South Coast Apple Bottom surfboard ($500). Ok, so the board and GoPro are for siblings who have never heard of sibling-rivalry! Remember to stop into any of our 5 locations to pick up your Ultimate Holiday Buyer’s Guide for gift suggestions for all your loved ones!

Channeling Dad for Christmas

Gift Ideas for Dad

I know it would be great to give Dad that perfect Swegg surfboard for Christmas but sometimes our wallet doesn’t match our heart. If you are like me, you are on a budget this Holiday season! If you are looking for a good gift that is extremely minimal try Macks Ear Plugs ($3)- great for surfing…or weed whacking, sleeping, or tuning out the kiddos. South Coast tees are always a great gift! We have over 30 designs in just about every color and they run from $18-$28. Does dad constantly look up the tide on his phone?? Grab a Ted Robinson Tide Calendar for $20. On a budget for $30-$50- South Coast fleece is always a hit or snag some Quiksilver Surfcheck Slippers for $32. It IS already December and getting toasty (well…kind of if you live in San Diego) and a flannel is always a cool choice! Try the O’neill Red Stone Flannel ($74.50).
Other great gift ideas are an FCS Board Bag ranging from $80-$100 and the Rip Curl Pipeline World Tide watch $275 (if you wanna surf the best, you gotta have the right tools)! Big Spender?? Try the new GoPro Hero3 Black Edition with built in wi-fi. This puppy runs at $399.99 but it will capture your most epic moments in action sports! Or you can always get him that South Coast Swegg (I think you may squeeze a tear out of his eye with that one). Remember to stop into any of our 5 locations to pick up your Ultimate Holiday Buyer’s Guide for gift suggestions for everyone!

Happy Shopping!